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Family, Home and Relatives
  A “family“consists of people who are socially-related to one another. It is usually parents (mother and father) and their children.
- If two people (normaly man and woman ) are legally married we say that they live in a marriage (they have wedding rings, woman has the same surname as her husband, they live in one household ...)
- If two people live together and raise their children without being legally married they live in a cohabitation. (it is very popular among young people.)
  There  are some types of families:
1. The nuclear or basic family: it is a normal family, consists of two parents (mother and father ) and children. In my opinion everybody wants to  live or to have this type of  family.
2. Extented family : is typical especially for villages and it mens that two or more generations live toghether in one household (children, parents,  grandparents ... )
3. Single-parent family: there is only one parent (mother or father ). There are 3 basic reasons
 why single–parent family exists. They are: - the death of one of the parent
-  divorce
-  pregnancy outside marriage
4. Reconstituted or step-family : this family exists when mother or father will marry again (step-mother / step-father / step-sister ...)
  Parents take care of they children from their childhood and children should help their prents! Girls (or daughters) usually help their mothers in the kitchen or in the garden .Boys (or sons) usually help their fathers around the house or with the car ...
  The wedding is a formal act and it takes place in a town hall or in a church. The engaged couple exchange their wedding rings and vows - they promise themselves to live together in good and bad and in illnes, too.
  Nowadays, many couples are divorced. Their frequent reasons for a divorce are: problems with trust, money, living with parents and parents-in-law, alcohol, drugs, gambling and unemployment ...
  When one of the parent dies, children stay with a single parent. A woman who loses  her husband is called a widow and a man a widower. When they get married again, the new parents are called step-parents.
And now I would like to tell you something more about my own family.
So my mame is....  I am ... years old. I am single but I live with... etc. (You will describe your own family)
mother-in-law sibling  husband  niece
father-in-law   aunt  stepmother  nephew
sister-in-law uncle  stepfather
brother-in-law wife stepsister
- Who are the members of your family?
-  When is family happy and functioning?
- When do you, as a family, meet together?
- What does family mean to you?
- What are the functions of a family?
- What are the main roles of children and parents in a family?
- What is cohabitation (mariage) ?
- Why do people get divorced?
- When does your family usually get together?
- How many members does your family have?
- Is there a huge generation gap between you and your parents?
- Do you believe in love at first sight?

fiancé - snúbenec / fianceé – snúbenica, SUPPORT - opora; podporovať
godfather -  kmotor (krsný otec)  godmother – kmotra (krstná mama)
one child (only child) – jedináčik twins - dvojčatá
triplets -  trojčatá quadruplets – štvorčatá
orphan – sirota
bachelor – starý mládenec spinster  - stará dievka
man-to-be (wife-to-be) – nastávajúci, (nastávajúca)
engagement – zásnuby  honeymoon – svadobná cesta
Old love does not rust.  Stará láska nehrdzavie
As the old cock crows, so does the youngJablko nepadá daleko od stromu.
Small children – small worries, big children – big worries.
Malé deti – malé starosti, veľké deti – veľké starosti.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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