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Spor is a physical activity which helps people to be fit, thin especially for woman, healthy (and wealthy - in some cases :) - because if you are very good in some kind of sport, you can earn incredible money. (f.e. Michael Schumacher, Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Roger Federer,....)
– we usually exercise (or do some sports) when we want to be healthy or to relax in an active way. Most of us are amateurs (it means we do some sport in our free time, it is our hobby)
-on the other hand there are also professionals (it means sport is a normal job for them, they earn Money - or they have a salary)
  A centre where people can do all kinds of different sports is called  a leisure centre or a sport centre. Another places for sports are: stadium (winter or summer), ice-rink, athletic hall, play-ground, tennis courts, fitness centre (for body building, prefered by those who want to lose weight).
Each sportsman´s dream is to take part in the Olympics which is an international competition held every four years in a different country.(We know Winter Olympic Games and Summer Olympic Games)
Sports can be divided into  - summer
  - winter   -individual  - indoor
  - all seasons  - collective  - outdoor
Typical winter sports are: ice-hockey, skating, skiing
summer sports are: swiming, football, yachting, figure speed
collective sports are: football, ice-hockey, volleyball, basketball....
   individual sports are: all kinds of athletics
   outdoor sports are: golf, beach volleyball
Nowdays its very popular adrenaline or extreme sports specially among young people.
In extreme sports the main idea is live and learn: learn or die. (bangee-jumping, car-racing, mountain biking, parachuting, snow-boarding, paragliding, sky-surfing, rafting, rock-climbing)
  The Slovaks are good at ice-hockey. A lot of Slovak hockey players play in American and Canadian National Hockey League teams. Becoming a professional hockey player is one of the most frequent dreams of Slovak boys. (M.Šatan, Ž.Palfy,  P.Bondra, J.Stumpel...)


1.What sports are you interested in?
2.Who is your favourite sportsman, sportswomen? Why?
3. Gve the names of some Slovak sports (American, adrenaline, winter, summer, collective,...)
4. Name three summer sports and three winters ?
5. Which sports and games are popular in America?
6.What is the difference betwen profesional and amateur?
7. Where does the best tennis championship of the world take place every year?
8. Are you satisfied with PE lessons at schol? Why? Why not? What would you change?
9. What are the pros and cons of doing sports professionally?
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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