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For most people travelling is a great hobby. Every summer you can  see thousands of people waiting at bus or railway stations or at airpots because they want to travel for their summer holidays.
You can travel by land, by air or by sea. If you travel by land, you can go by car, by bus, by traine, by taxi, by biker or going on foot (walking). If you travel by air, you usually go by plane (only astronauts go by racket). If you travel by sea, you cau go by boat, skip, yacht...
Travelling by train is becoming more popular because it offers a combination of speed,  comfort and pleasure. It is also an interesting and exciting experience especially for children. Train tickets are not very expensive. If you are sitting at the window you can watching the beautiful countryside. If you travel at night you cas ever sleep in a sleeper. If you are hungry or thirsty, you may have a meal or drink in a dining-car.

Travelling by plane is the fastest and very good for a long distance, the safest and the most comfortable way of transport, but also the most expensive L Passengers need their flight tickets and passports. During the flight, passengers are offered some meals, refreshments and drinks by stewards and stewardesses. Airports are large busy and well-organised places. There are also some exclusive shops where you can buy parfumes,  watches, jewelery, toys, cigarettes, alcohol ... cheaper because everything is TAX-FREE. These shops are called duty-free shops

The most common way of travelling today is going by car. If you have a car you are independent. You may travel (whenever)you want, there is no timetable, you can stop when and where you want....
So cars are comportable and  quick,  but they are not safe. They also pollute the environment and they are expensive. In Slovakia the  age limit for a driving licence is 18. Careful driving,  respecting speed limits and strict alcohol test reduce traffic accidents.

There is also another kind  of transport. It is called the HITCHHIKE. It´s very common  and popular especially among young people (students) because it´s free. It´s also very exciting but sometimees it could be dangerous (especielly for girls) L
I like travelling and from  my childhood I have a dream to visit  Egypt one day in my future. I´m interested in history that why I would like to see all historical monuments in Egypt  f.e. pyramides sfings.... and I would like to swim an in dive in the Red Sea. Cuba is also very interesting aud beautiful country.  is also very intersting and beautiful country, and it is also one of the last communits countires in the world. I would like to drink an original Cuba´s rum and smoke an original Cuba´s cigar and I would like to have a rest (or swimming and sunbathing) on one of the nicest beaches in the world – Varadero.
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