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Good education is very important for a succesful life. In Slovakia schol attendance is compulsory from the age of 6 to 16. Many children start their schooling (eduction) in nursery schol (or kindergarten) where they spend a few hours each day playing and doing some activities. I think that going to kindergarten is very important and useful for children. They learn how to go out with other children, they learn to play with other children, to borrow and lend toys, they learn not to be selfish, to use fork , spoon and knife....
(they also learn many songs,  rhymes....)

After nursery schol (or kindergarten) children start to attend an elementary school. After elementary school they usually continue to a secondary school. The best students study at a grammar school (or high school ) called  „gymnazium“ which preparies students for university. Other popular secondary schools are : business schools, technical schools and medical schools. At the end of studying students have to pass a school – leaving exam called „maturita.“

– A chool year in Slovakia starts the first week of September and finishes the last week of June. In between, there are some holidays and a few days off (for example : winter holidays, spring holidays , Christmas, Easter.... but the summer holidays are the longest èthey last two months: July and August.)
– Some subjects at school are compulsory others are elective,. (f.e. Maths, Biology, History, Chemistry, Geography, P.E., R.E., Mother tougue , English – German – Russian Language. . . .) Students get marks (1-5).
 In Slovakia students don’t wear uniform. (It is typical for students in Japan or Great Britain.)

– Many students want to continue their students at universities. There are several types of universities : for example: medical, chemical, technical, business, pedagogical, agricultural, ecnonomy, law . . . . .
 At university students have to get credits and grades A,B,C,D,E (if they pass) aud FX (if they fail).

Academic year is divided into winter aud summer term.
A study at university takes 5 or 6 years and finishes with graduation and students (or graduates ) are given diplomas.
– There still exist a special group of people who do not know to read and write. We call them „analphabets.“ They are usually very poor they live in poor countries (f.e. in Africa) In Slovakia they are mostly gypses.)
1. How bong is compulsory schol attendance in Slovakia?
2. What is the difference between high school and university?
3. What kinds of secondary schools are in your town?
4. What are your favourite school subjects?
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