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In pre-historic time people hunted for food and made tools from stones. Step by step people changed the world. They wanted to live easier and more comfortable.
- new technological inventions make people´s life easier.
- The industrial revolution, wich started in the 18th century in Englad, brought many technological changes and inventions.

So, technology has become part of our everyday life. People made big scientific and technological progress in transport, medicine, biology and information technology. The progress in the car industry is also incredible. (we caa see it when we compare how people travelled in the past and how they travel today.
-Great progress has been made in medicine. Doctors can save millions of people, there are many new technologies,  painkillers …
-During the last ten years there was a great change in INFORMATON AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES. Nowdays computers are used almost everywhere.

The inventions of a MOBILE PHONE AND THE INTERNET help people communicate faster. Mobile phones are a symbol of comfortable  and quick communication, mainly among the young.
-The  internet saves our time and money to find information.(you can give and get information very quickly. Via the Internet /through- pomocu internetu/ we send documents, buy things, book hotels, reserve tickets, transfer our money or find life partners.
Many Slovaks use the Internet as a type of entertainment.(you can listen to music, watch films, you can chat witch your friends, play computer games…
So, modern technology helps us daily.
r. 1905: Einstain publishes the special theory of relativity
1926: Television is developed
1928-1945: Fleming discoveres penicillin
1945: The first atomic bomb is detonated
1969: Apollo astronauts land on the moon
1981: AIDS is officially recognized
- Which technological inventions are the most important for you ?
- How often do you use a mobile phone ?
- What do people use computers for ?
- What technological inventions wake our life easier ?
- What do people use the Inernet for ?
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