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Man and Society
Humans, from the very beginning, were not able to live on their own, so they started to form a bigger group. These organized groups (society) have their own system of laws and accepted behaviour. If anybody does not obey the law and is a danger to society, he/she can be locked up .
 Modern etiquette teaches us to greet people with respect offer hospitality to guests, wear clothing appropriate for certain occasions, to offer a chair help those who need it, eat neatly and quietly, not to play loud music or necke noise, arrive in time.

Different social rules are followed at house, at work and in business. And they are specific for different cultures. What is appropriate in one culture for example in a European country can be totally unacceptable in another culture for example in a Muslim country. Some rules are the same all around the world, it is important to be polite and to use the magic words J thank you, please, sorry.

When somebody invites us for a visit, we should come on time. We should bring a small present to the host example flowers, chocolate or a bottle of  wine. The food etiquette includes some rules, too. For example, it is impolite to ask for more food, soup should be eaten quietly and hands should never be used for eating.

Children learn the social rules for their parents, teacher and friends. It is important to teach them what behaviour is correct and wrong.
Family is the place where social behaviour is formed. Children usually imitate their models - their own parents J
Small things, such as talking to people with respect, listening to them, showing empathy, do not use the rude words, should be normal in every family!
1. What do you understand by social behaviour?
2. How should they young behave towards the old?
3. What do you know about the table etiquette?
4. Name three examples of the table etiquette?
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