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Communication is a process of sending and receiving information. The press (newspapers and magazines), radio, television - all that is called MEDIA.
The mass media bring news about what has happened home and in the world. They play an important role in everyone´s life. They provide not only news but also education and entertainment. Papers are dailies (daily) or weeklies (weekly).

Papers can be divided into quality papers - tabloids, popular papers.
Quality papers are read by those readers who expect to find serious news. The popular papers (or gutter press) is relatively poor. They contain a number of features about stars, sports and celebrities; they tend to be heavily illustrated. Typical sections found in newspapers are leader or editorial (written either by the Editor-ne-Chief or some other important personality), news reports, international/domestic news, political commentaries, business news, cartoons, crosswords, sports reports, advertisements, obituaries…  
Modern life is closely connected with radio and television (some people switch on TV or radio just as a background noise). Radio and television stations can be divided into two categories: commercial and non-commercial.
Programmes in television are chat/talk shows, quiz shows, comedies, cartoons, sitcoms, serials, breakfast shows, morning shows, soap operas, documentaries, wildlife programmes, nature programme, the news, weather forecast, travelogues, plays, dramas…
1. What are your favourite programmes on TV?
2. Can newspapers in Slovakia be divided into serious press and the “gutter” press? Give some examples.
3. Which is the most popular radio station in Slovakia? (Is it state owned or private?)
4. What is communication?
5. What are the mass media and what role do they play in our lives?
6. What Slovak (British) newspapers do you know?
7. What is the difference between serious and popular press?
8. What can be read inside the papers?
9. Why do people watch TV and what Slovak stations do you know?
10. What are soap operas?
11. What is the Internet and how it is used?
12. What are the positive and negative things about the Internet?
13. Do you have an Internet at home?
14. Do you listen to the radio every day?
15. What kinds of magazines do you like?
16. What programme do you prefer?
17. What do you do when there is an “advert” on TV?
18. Would your life be boring without TV?
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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