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Normally, we eat three times a day – we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating habits depend on the lifestyle of people. Busy managers do not eat regularly, young people often choose fast food, women who want to lose weight eat as little as possible.
Slovaks usually have bread with butter, jam, honey, ham or cheese for breakfast. Some prefer scrambled eggs or sausage. The English usuallly begin the day with a cup of tea or coffeee (they drink tea and coffee with milk). The traditional English breakfast starts with cereals or cornflakes. This is sometimes followed by fried bacon and eggs or sausages with fried tomatoes.
In our country lunch is the main meal consisting of soup, a main course with a side dish ( usuallymeat with rice or potatoes or salad) and dessert.
Slovaks like eat meat f.e. pork, beef or poultry with potaoes and rice.
 “Bryndzové halušky“ (gnocchi with sheep cheese) is considered as Slovak national meal.
Hungarian cuisine, typical for spicy meals, is quite popular in thesouthern parts of Slovakia. Italian cuisine, mostly pizza and pasta is also very popular.
Schoolchildren have lunch in canteens. Businessmen eat in restaurants whith a daily menu at reduced prices is offered during lunchtime.
Many Americans like rto have lunch and dinner “out“ – at snack bars, fast food restaurants or hotels. They also use take-away services and coffee to go. Typical take-away food includespizza, Chinese food and the traditional fish&chips. Most dinners during the week are simple which can be quickly prepared in the oven or microwave (frozen food or pre-cooked food). Many zoung people now are vegetarian which means that thez do not eat meat or fish.
- What is zour favourite food?
- Who are vegeterians?
- What meals can you prepare?
- What does the traditional english breakfast consisit of?
- What do the Slovaks have for lunch?
- Explain the expression “fast food“.
- What should people do to stay healthy?
- What do you like to eat/drink?
- What is zour favourite meal? How do you cook it?
- What are the pros/cons of being a vegeterian?
- What kinds of meat/vegetables/fruits do you know?
- Can you cook?

Love goes through the stomach. Láska ide cez žalúdok.
Hunger is the best sauce. Hlad je najlepší kuchár.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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