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Multicultural Society
A multicultural  country is a country where different cultural  groups live together. They try to preserve their cultures, habits and traditions.
Cultural differences should be respected and tolerated. This is also the official policy in Canada, Australia and the UK.
Immigrants can have dual citizenship, they can use their language, culture and religion. There are many big cities which are cosmopolitan: such as London, New York, Paris, Prague. People are naturally divided according to the colour of their skin (white, black yellow & red).
In 2004 Slovakia became part of a larger community – the European Community. Many Slovaks decided to leave the country for study or work. A lot of them got married abroad and created bicultural families. Living in bicultural families requires a lot of tolerance and understanding from both sides. Slovakia is also a multicultural country. The majority of Slovak population is Slovak. The country also has several minorities, the biggest of which are  Hungarian, Roma (Gypses) and Ukrainian. The Roma population in Slovakia has problems to adapt and they are often a victim of racist attacks.
I think, we cannot judge people according to the colour  of their skin or their religion. We should try to live and work peacefully together without any prejudice.
There are also many famous people all around the world ( f.e. actors, singers) who support this idea. f.e. Paul McCartney  and Stevie Wonder have a beautiful song named Ebony and ivory with very nice lyrics. “Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony, side by side on my piano, keybord. Oh, Lord why don´t we?“
- Can you give any examples of countries with multicultural society?
- Is Slovakia also a multicultural country?
- What are the minorities living in Slovakia?
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