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Towns and Places
Places are very important in people¢s lives. One of the most important places in our life is our birthplace. Birthplace is always connected with the happiest memories from our childhood, with our parents, siblings, friends, with our first boyfriend (or girlfriend) and even after we grow up and live somewhere else we tend to come back to those happy days. I think it is a very strong bond.
Adults very often move to other places: for study, for work, for new friends…etc. You can live in a big city or in a small village. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

A small village
 is quiet; less crime or violence, friendly people, fresh air,  beautiful nature
A big city (or town): many buildings, pollution, noise, crime (violence)...
Advantages = opportunities of work, a lot of shops, cinemas, theatres, universities, hotels, boats,   hospitals, enterteinment, higher salary, modern lifestyle, sport opportunities, culture, festivals…
Disadvantages = selfish and unfriendly people, higher rate of divorce… 
  The word ²home² has different meanings for different people.
· to a child ²home² means: parents, toys, bedtime stories, security, love...
· to a teenager ²home² means: strict rules, pocket money, homeworks, homeprison, quarrels with parents
· to women ²home² means: household, children, husband, cooking...
· to men ²home² means: relaxation, TV, sofa, football, newspapers, toasty meal, beer paradise
Some other places are very important in our lives. For many students who start studying at universities their campus  become their home where they spend several years. We call it ²the second home². At first it has only advantages: freedom, many parties, independence, new people, new friends.
But it has also some disadvantages: noise, uncomfort, less privacy, less money, homesick, instant-food. I like the well – known phrase: ²East or west, home is best!²  Which means that there is no place like home.
1.  Why do people move?
2.  What is your favourite holiday destination?
3.  Which cities of the world would you like to visit and why?
4.  Which are the most beautiful places in the world?
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