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Role Models and Ideals
Every human being is a unique personality having a lot in common with other people but also being different from other people. What we have in common is the fact that we are born, live our individual lives (or life) and that one day we have to die.Every person has both positive and negative qualities.
During our life we learn how to get on with other people, how to cope with problems, how to overcome difficulties. It is not easy but we have to try hard! Some of us are friendly, tolerant, hard-working, generous and always ready to help those people who need it. On the other hand some people are lazy, self-centred, intolerant, rude, selfish, mean.
The places where we should learn how to behave, what to do or not to do are in the family and school:
Family is extremely important for shaping our personal qualities! If a child is loved and praised, he/she will love and praise; if he/she is criticized, be/she will be very critical; if he/she is bit, he/she will bit!
School is nearly as important as family. When we enter school, we become a part of society because school is an institution. Here we should learn how to cooperate with other people, how to accept other people¢s views, how to compromize with people.
Young people have usually a lot of ideals especially among famous personalities: sportsmen, film stars, pop singers…They look for somebody they can admire and follow. Teenagers try to follow their idols in everything: in style of clothing, make-up, hairstyle etc. They are prepared to travel long distance and pay a lot of money just to have a chance to see their idols.
1.  Did you have any idol when you were a child?
2.  Who was/is it?
3.  Why did you choose him/her?
4.  Which quality is the most important for you?
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