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Slovakia  - My Homeland
The Slovak Republic is a new state which came into existence on the first of January 1993 when Czechoslovakia was divided into: The Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Slovakia is situated in the heart of Europe. The geographical centre of Europe is on the hill Krahule, near the town  Kremnica.
The Slovak Republic has five neighbours. On the west – it is the Czech Republic, on the southwest – it is the Austria, on the southeast – it is Hungary, on the north – it is Poland and on the east – it is Ukraine. The Slovak Republic has a population of about  5 000 000 people. The official language is Slovak. The majority of the population is Slovak, the minorities are Hungarian, Romany, Czech, Ukrainian, German...
- The majority of the population is Roman Catholic Religion.
- In Slovakia we have 4 main seasons : spring, summer, autumn- fall and winter. The coldest month is January, the warmest is July.

- The national flag consists of three horizontal stripes: white, blue and red. On the left half of the flag there is the state emblem of the Slovak Republic – it is a double cross with mountains in the backround (these mountains are Tatra, Matra and Fatra). Another state symbol is hymn.
- The capital of the Slovak Republic is Bratislava and it is also the largest city. Other big cities are Košice, Prešov, Nita, Žilina and Banská Bystrica.
- The Slovak Government consists of  the President whi he is elected every five years, the Prime Minister, Ministers and Parliament - it has 150 members elected every four years.
- Slovakia is a small country but it has a long and rich history and  very nice nature.
- We have the biggest mountains in the Central Europe: The High Tatras. Its highest peaks are Gerlachovský štít: 2655 m and Lomnický štít: 2632 m. There is  the Slovak Paradise, many beautiful lakes, caves, waterfalls, valleys, village...

-The Slovaks keep their folk traditions through traditional costumes, songs and dances. The most typical food is bryndzové halušky (gnocchi with sheep cheese) and typical alcoholic drinks are borovička and beer.
- The Slovaks are very friendly, open-hearted, hard-working... they are famous for being patriots. They have a positive attitude to their country J
1.  How would you describe a typical Slovak person?
2.  Which towns and places in Slovakia are the most attractive for foreign tourists?
3.  What food and drinks are typical for Slovakia?
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