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Can a Book Still Be Your Best Friend?

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Autor: Chlapec trelko
Typ práce: Maturita
Dátum: 08.05.2013
Jazyk: Angličtina
Rozsah: 260 slov
Počet zobrazení: 14 880
Tlačení: 568
Uložení: 350

Can a Book Still Be Your Best Friend?
Books are there for a long time, they are used as source of entertainment and knowledge. Throughout many categories every reader can find what he is looking for. Book can be read everywhere you want and needs no electricity. In my opinion reading is better than watching movies, and it trains our brains.

But therefore most of young people prefers other ways of spending free time, when they are in bus or waiting for train on the station. Books can be seen in the hands of older people more oftenly than among young generation. But on the other side there are some exceptions and young people and these exceptions keep their reading on the first place of entertaining. Reading should be more expanded to people than action movies that don’t give any point usually, but there should be some time for watching too, but it’s nowadays habit to prefer watching some story given by screen beside creating own situations and places when reading story. It’s great experience when you can load your brain and engage imagination and create what you want, when actors of story written in book are solving their troubles.

Books shouldn’t fall into disuse, because it still can be very useful to keep your favorite book in the handbag or rucksack to kill free unexpected time wherever you go. And this is what real friends do, the ability to entertain you and rule out thoughts that you are just wasting your time, so I think book is my good friend.
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