Cloning research should be restricted by governmental laws

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Cloning research should be restricted by governmental laws
Genetics is one of the many faces of the 20th century which is still developing and bringing new uncovered mysteries. It helps to understand who we really are and explains why we are like that. Over the past fifty years, genetic science has also meant a revolution in the agricultural industry and of course the answer to lots of questions of present medicine.

If we find out how to cure “ill” genes, we will win the eternal combat against the weakness of men. However, genetics has also brought many moral disputes mainly over one of the most questionable subject nowadays, the cloning. Why are people so afraid of cloning? Or why not? Have you ever been thinking about the world full of clones? I have and I really do not like this idea.

Although cloning provides new possibilities how to cure human diseases or solve problems of organ transplantation, there are many points why cloning, mainly cloning of people, should be restricted by laws. I have chosen three main reasons.

First of all, cloning can destroy the uniqueness of people as human beings, it means each of us will be replaceable so there will be no reason to respect the value of human life. It can lead to the fall of the world’s system and new merciless society will be created to rule in the world. Second, military can abuse cloning for their purpose. The army of clones is not just an image from Star Wars at present, it is a vision of the third world war which can be the last one.

Finally, increasing of population has been already considered as a global problem. Mainly in overcrowded Asiatic countries like China were accepted some laws to avoid it. What would happen if people started to duplicate the population by clones? We would trample each other. In conclusion, if people start to clone unrestrictedly, it can lead to the third world war, to the global catastrophe of overcrowding or to the loss of human values. Therefore, cloning should be restricted by governmental laws.
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