Computers, allies or enemies?

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Computers, allies or enemies?
Computers are involved almost in everything, in our finance, education, health and also in our relationships. Over the past thirty years they have taken control of our life and many people start to be afraid of them. But could you imagine your life without using the internet, sending e-mails or chatting? What about typing? Is it possible to write everything by hand at present? We come across computers in hospitals, in banks, in schools and almost in every household and everywhere they have a role.

I think that is natural for us to try for comfortable life because we are naturally lazy and smart. According to this attitude there are many advantages why to keep computers in our lives. Money rules the world. Time is money. And what saves time? Computer of course! It provides the fastest way of communication, so you can talk to someone who is on the other side of the world still in real time. You can also see his face if your computer includes a camera so it’s not so impersonal as it is presented.

Computer means the easiest way how to gain the information and if you don’t want to be disoriented you need it. Finally, sometimes we need someone who is punctual, objective, emotionally unbalanced or controllable, then we need a computer, too. Computers usually don’t make mistakes on their own, people make them everyday.

I think that computers will be still used for these reasons in the future and I don’t consider it to be wrong. The only thing which seems to me dangerously is if people start to be considered as unnecessary or worse, replaceable. Then we should be really worried because the world without respect for human life is not safe anymore. In conclusion, if we use computers to make our life more comfortable and easier it is right, but if we start to replace human beings by computers we will go against ourselves. 
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