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Topic number 5: Shopping and Services....

Shop is a place where we can buy things, where things are sold.
Shopping is a act of choosing and buying products in order to use them....

1. a SHOPPING CENTRE. For example EUROVEA, SHOPPING PALACE, AUPARK and POLUS CITY CENTER in Bratislava. Shopping centre is a large building with many smaller shops in it. Shopping centers offer many additional services – there are banks, post offices, travel agencies, a swimming pool, cafés, restaurants and cinemas and so on.
2. a DEPARTMENT STORE. Department store is a large store divided into several big sections. Each section sells different types of things, for example: clothes, furniture, household appliances and so on. It has a car park and is situated in bigger cities and towns. Some of them are opened non-stop. Shopping in a department store has many advantages: You can buy everything under one roof. They usually offer lower prices. They often offer sales and bargains. You can use a big shopping trolley to take your shopping to your car.
3. a SUPERMARKET. For example TESCO. They are situated in cities and towns. People go to the supermarket to buy mostly food and drinks. It is smaller than a department store and usually offers fewer goods. It has longer opening hours than small shops.
4. a small SHOP. They usually have shorter opening hours than supermarkets, department stores and shopping centers. Small shops usually sell food or other things. For example: you can get books in a bookshop, shoes in a shoe shop and so on. People who work in a shop are shop assistants – they sell things and serve customers. Shop assistants in small villages and towns usually know their customers.

Some shops and most department stores have store detectives who watch customers to stop them from shoplifting.

5. a MARKET. Many people prefer to buy the fruit and vegetables or other things at a market. Markets are popular because of their special atmosphere – they are noisy, overcrowded but people can walk from stall to stall, they can touch and taste products and talk to the salesmen. They can try to bargain and get a reduced price. In Slovakia, products bought in markets are often cheaper than products bought in shops and supermarkets.....

It is a system that provides something that the public needs. It`s organized by the government or private company. We know many types of services:
Post office is a national organization in many countries, that is responsible for colecting and delivering letters, post cards....
Bank is an organization, that provides various financial services, keeping or lending money, we can put our money into a bank account. Each bank has also a cash dispensor. And we can withdraw our money any time we want....
Police is an official organization, who`s job is to make people obey the law and to prevent and solve the crime.....
Petrol station is a place at the side of the road where you take your car to buy petrol, gas or oil....

Some other services:
Dry-cleaning, Shoes repairs , Photo coppie, Babysitting, Gardeners, Window cleaners, Electricians, Hairdresser. Repairman, painters and decorators, plumbers, domestic cleaners (called „daily helps“) and child-minders (women who look after children during the day while the parents are at work) also often advertise their services in this way. Services are also advertised in the „classified ads“ section of local newspapers....
Many services can be ordered by telephone and a special telephone directory called the Yellow Pages“. It lists firms according to the services they provide. You can order a cooked meal to be delivered from a Chinese restaurant or a pizza restaurant. If you want to send a present to someone, you can arrange for chocolates, flowers, and so on to be delivered. Many of these delivery services use motorcycles.

Shops and offices in town centers provide services such as dry cleaning, shoe repairs, photocopying and the use of fax machines. In launderettes you can wash and dry clothes in coin-operated machines. There are estate agencies for buying and selling houses, letting agencies for finding rented accommodation and employment agencies for finding a job. Some employment agencies specialize in a particular kind of job, for example secretarial jobs.....

Result is to drive customers behaviour towards buying/purchasing product.....

History of advertising:
There were paintings on the walls in Ancient Egypt.
Boom started in 19th Century in the press, 1920´s in radio and 1950´s in TV......

We know a few types of avertisement:
Street billboards, catchy jingles on tv and radio (in other words Commercials), pictures in magazines and newspapers, leaflet, sales promotion, catalogues and so on. We also know store advertising or branding. Branding is wearing a brand in an film or somewhere else. For example: Celebrity branding. Infomercial is a whole text about a product....
All kinds of advertisement try to attract our attention, (in other words: Target group), and introduce new products and ideas. Advertisers make us believe we can realise our ambitions quickly and easily, only if we will use (of course, it means buy) their product. So, advertisers want us to spend money on their products. They want us to make believe that their product meets our needs. They try to reach your value....
But there are also advantages. Advertising is informative, increases demand, stimulates industry and keeps prices down.

When advertisers want to create successful advertisement, they use methods that help to sell new products: Famous or well-known people promote certain products by saying that they use these products. Average people in everyday situations are often shown using a certain product.
Advertising says that everybody buys a certain product. Advertising shows a very special idea, feeling, person or situation. It can transfer your good feelings to the product.
“Jingles” are tunes created for commercials that stick in your ear and you hum the melody over and over, hopefully hypnotizing you into buying the products.....

Christmas shopping:
I always do my shopping long in advance because I don’t like the hassle before Christmas. I don’t like when the shops are full of people and everybody is in a hurry. People are often nervous. I think it’s stressful to do Christmas shopping at the last moment.....

The advantages of buying things from a catalogue are: You don’t have to go to the shop. You can do the shopping comfortably from your house. There is a wider choice of goods.
The disadvantages are: You can’t try the things on. You can’t touch the things to see what material they are made of. It is more difficult and more expensive to return the goods if you don’t like it (because you have to pay for postage).........

Direct sale. Buying goods through mail order. Door to door selling. To get things on hire purchase order.
Hire purchase: It´s when you pay instalments every month...
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