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Topic number 6: Health Care....

Human body is the most wonderful organism on the Earth. We have been exploring it for decades but we haven´t been able to find and to know all facts hidden in it so far.
Human body consists of bones and muscles. There are three parts of the body: head, body, arms and legs.
Head is covered by hair. It contains brain - the centre of the nervous system.....

Head, eye, mouth, ear, cheek, nose, neck, shoulders, chest, back, arm, elbow, hand, wrist, fingers, bottom, leg, thigh, knee, whistle, ankle, foot.....

Health is very important and therefore everybody should look after it.
World Health Organisation, describe Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being....
People can suffer from these illnesses and diseases.
A FLU. When you have a flu, you have a fever, your body aches and you feel bad. You should see the doctor – he will give you antibiotics. You should stay in bed, drink a lot of tea and take pills. But mostly drink a lot of tea!! Try to avoid using of any pills.
A COLD. When you have a cold, you sneeze, you have a sore throat and your nose is runny. You should stay in bed, drink a lot of hot tea and take some vitamins.
DIABETES. When insulin is not produced in your pankreas. You have to inject it every few hours on your own.
APPENDICTIS. When you have inflammation of your appendix.
DIARRHOEA. You have to go to the toilet every while.
MEASLES. It manifests with inflammation of nasal mucosa and ocular conjunctiva, high fever and coughing......
People can also suffer from fatal disease. For example:
AIDS. If you have AIDS, you lose your immunity. The patient fells weak, can have a fever, loses weight and any infection can be fatal to him. It is a very serious disease and scientists are trying to find a cure for it.
CANCER. A serious disease – the patient has a tumor which is cured by tablets, injections or a chemotherapy.
HEART ATTACK. It is when someone´s heart stopped its beating. Resuscitation is necessary......
Diseases of civilization:

If we feel ill, we go to see our doctor who is called a GP (general practitioner). We should make an appointment in advance and we must take our insurance card with us. Everybody in our country has the right go choose a doctor. When we come to the doctor’s surgery, he asks us how we feel and what problems we have. He examines us and prescribes medicine. Sometimes we must see a specialist – for example a dentist, a surgeon, a psychiatrist and so on.
Some people prefer alternative medicine – it isn’t the traditional way of treating illnesses. For example acupuncture when thin needles are put into different parts of the body.....

If we want to avoid illnesses, we should keep a helthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can help us to protect our body against diseases. A healthy lifestyle involves: Regular exercise, plenty of rest, enough sleep, good eating habits, a lot of vitamins, no smoking or alcohol. We should think positively. If we want to be healthy, we should take care of our health. We should: clean our teeth regularly, some exercises every day, go for a walk, have a massage or a sauna sometimes. Reduce amount of fat, salt, sugar and cholesterol. Loose weight if we are overweight. Visit our doctor - GP (General practitioner) regularly for check-ups. Visit a dentist once a year. Eat a lot of vegetables, take some vitamin pills. It´s better to eat fruit and vegetables. It is more healthy because fruit and vegetables don’t contain chemical additives but the vitamin pills usually do. It´´s better to eat raw fruit and vegetables because when we cook it, it looses the vitamins.....

Health care in Slovakia is provided for people from birth to death. In Slovakia we have these health facilities:
1) State
2) Private....

Medical care can be given in: a health centre, a clinic, a hospital, a surgery, an ambulance.
A pediatrician is a doctor who looks after the health of children. When a child is born, he is vaccinated against such diseases as tuberculosis, tetanus and so on. GP (general practitioner) is a doctor who looks after the health of adults. In case of emergency we can call an ambulance – we call the number 155 – the ambulance takes the patient to a hospital. Serious cases are immediately operated on in the operating theatre. If we break a leg or an arm, we are X-rayed.....

World Health Organisation
It is an agency of the United Nations. It was established in 1948. The Headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. World Health Organisation should sort out the problems: epidemic controll, drug standardization and so on. World Health Organisation defines health as "state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing". It operates through 3 principal organs: the world health assembly, an executive board of health specialists, and a secretariat. The organization is financed from annual contributions made by member of governments. The work of World Health Organisation may be devided into 3 categories: Health information, Disease control, Consultation and Education.

Three Healthy Principles:
1. Water principle.
2. Fruit eating principle.
3. Food combination principle.
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