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Topic number 23: Role Models....

ROLE-MODEL is a model example, person according to whom somebody else tries to live, look like, wear and so on, because of his character or skills..
Importance of role-models. some people need no role-models, they want to go their way, but many people are influenced by role-models - (good look, intelligence, humour, talent, skills, success, lifestyle, character…) who inspire people, are their ideal.....

Every person is influenced by other people during his or her life. We watch how people behave in different situations and we copy positive but also negative qualities. Especially children and young people have many role models. We can talk about:

1.) Family role models. The first models were our parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents. They are important to us because: they teach us to be friendly and polite. They help us to learn how to solve problems. We learn how to get on well with people.. From our family members we learn many positive but also negative qualities: we learn to compromise, to cooperate, to help other people, but also to envy, to be selfish and so on.. If a child is loved, he or she will love. If child is criticized, he or she will be very hit......

2.) School role models. They are our schoolmates, teachers and other people we meet at school.. They are nearly as important as family, entering to school we become a part of society; here we learn to cooperate with other people, to compromise with others to be tolerant, patient, self-disciplined, and hard-working. These qualities are necessary if we want to be successful. For some of us our teachers became our role models.......

3.) Celebrity role models. Most teenagers look for role models outside their families or their school.. Teenagers love music, cinema and sport, so singers, film stars and famous sportsmen influence them a lot. They try to imitate them: their clothes, hairstyle, make-up, lifestyle and behaviour.
Celebrities influence young people positively, but also negatively.
3.1) Positive influence is:
They use their talent. Some celebrities behave well and politely. They work hard and are successful. They can teach young people important moral principles, For example: they work for charity, help poor people and so on.....
3.2) Negative influence is:
Many celebrities use drug and alcohol and become addicted. Some celebrities have bad behaviour – they are vulgar and rude. They do not respect people around them. They think that they are better than other people but it isn’t true. They try to make profit in every situation......

4.) Literary role models.
LITERALY HEROES are found in literary works - (stories, novels). Most literary heroes are people with high moral standards with whom readers can identify and whose example they may follow. For example: Božena Nemchová – Babichka – Grandmamma, about simply Czech woman, she comes to help her daughter with growing up of 4 grandchildren and with household works. She is intelligent, clever, has experiences, every time good mood, helps with a will, she loves nature, work, habits and traditions…....

5.) Everyday heroes.
EVERYDAY HEROES we can find in our daily life. For example: lifeguards, fire-fighters, doctors, soldiers and so on. They are brave, do not hesitate to risk life and help the victims of natural and man-made disasters (earthquakes, floods, droughts or war). They have courage and high moral standards. It can be absolutely simply person...
Examples of positive role models: Mother Teresa – she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1972. She looked after poor people and she did it for free...
Bill Gates and his wife Melinda created a foundation to save the poorest people from illnesses....... ..

It´s very important for young people to have role models because childhood and adolescence is the time, when people learn and pick the most of the qualities which they use later in their lives... If there are positive role models, young people learn how to be polite, tolerant and helpful. They will become people who will try to make the world a better place...
On the other hand, if young people are influenced by negative role models, they become rude, selfish, stubborn and there will be more robberies, murders, rapes and crimes in the streets.....

People can have positive and negative personality features.
1.) POSITIVE - Virtues.
Reliable. Grateful. Regardful. Optimistic. Brave. Understanding. Responsible. Fair. Trust-worthy. Loyal. Warm-hearted. Helpful. Honest. Polite. Kind. To have a sense of humour. Friendly. Sociable. Hospitable. Generous. Hard-working. Practical. Sensible. Talkactive........

2.) NEGATIVE - Vices.
Be deceitful. Mean. Cheeky. Envious. Envy. To be fond of gossip. Hypocrite. Stubborn. Suspicious. Quarrelsome. Greedy. Coward. Selfish. Jealous. Rude. Treacherous...... ...... ....

Who? Why? Some info about him or her, his or her positive and negative character features...
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