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Kultúra a umenie
a. možnosti kultúry v meste a na vidieku (múzeá, výstavy, divadlá, kiná, koncerty, cirkus, tanec),
b. obľúbená oblasť kultúry a umenia (žánre, známe osobnosti),
c. návšteva kultúrneho podujatia,
d. hudobné, filmové a divadelné festivaly, atmosféra,
e. ďalšie druhy umenia - folklór, maliarstvo, sochárstvo, architektúra - najznámejšie osobnosti.
Art is a creation of something that is “aesthetically pleasing”, something that people like and admire. Unfortunately, not everybody was born with the ability to create art or to perform it. For some it is hobby for some profession Those who have talent can become famous and rich.
There are two main kinds of arts: • major arts ("fine arts"): music, literature,painting, sculpture,architecture,dancing,theatre • minor arts ("applied arts"): ceramics, furniture,photography etc. ART has not always been what we think it is today.Many of the objects we identify as art today – for example Greek painted pottery -- were made in times and places when people had no concept of "art" as we understand the term.
If you live in a small town or village, you don’t have such a good choice as there aren’t many cultural facilities. The only cultural event is a disco or ball which are held on special occasions several times a year. When people living in a village want to see a good film or theatre performance, they have to go to the nearest town which can be expensive and time consuming. The only choice for them is television, videos and possibly DVDs which are a bit cheaper and more convenient. Cultural events in the countryside are not that frequent.If you live in the town you can visit galleries full of interesting monuments,museums, concerts or exibitions.  People who live in villages all their lives prefer gardening, visiting friends or watching TV. Many inhabitants of bigger cities are moving to villages, trying to get away from the busy city life. Those moving not too far from the city can still enjoy the cultural life the city offers.I also live in a small vilage, where cultural life is only dream. Everything has advantages and also drawbacks, but finaly culture and art is so important for me so I would like live in bigger city.
The most interesting kinds of art are music, literature, painting, theatre and photography for me. Or these kinds of art make me happy. I cannot imagine my everyday life without reading at least a few pages from a good book or listening to an alternative music. I look forward to new theatre productions. And Im still sad that the nearest theatre is 30kilometres from my home. I also spend my free time in galleries and museums admiring beautiful historical works of art. In my opinion life without art would not just be dull but would lose its whole meaning. Literature is a part of art which includes novels, short stories, biographies, drama and poetry. Writers have a gift to put their ideas on paper and brilliantly create a story. When a book is well-written, it is a joy to read and hard to put down. We know books for a very long time. At the beginning, books were used mainly for variety of historical records. Later we began to use them for entertainment, relaxation and learning or education. My favourite books are by Stephen King like the Shining or Carrie ,but I also like triller, historical and biography books. In this time I began listen audiobooks,because its faster and easier than real books, but I use it usually for required reading.
I usually prefer portraits to landscape or still life in photography and also painting. My room is full of paintings by Gustav Klimt or Egon Schiele.Gustav Klimt was an Austrian Symbolist painter and Egon schiele was his pupil. Klimts primary subject was the female body and his the most famous painting is The Kiss, but my favourite are Danae and Water serpents. We could see original paintings the nearest in Vienna. Paintings of famous painters like Picaso, Van Gogh, Boticelli, Monet, Mannet or Rembrandt are immortal and their artworks can be seen in a number of museums around the world. I visited from really big national galleries only gallery Louvre and Musee de Orsee in Paris, but it was really incredible experience for me. Paintings were guarded by cameras and many people, but I did photos of paintings like Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinchi or Autobiography portrait of Van Gogh. Slovakia had also many talented painters like Fulla, Benka or Brunovský. Very interesting gallery of art works by Fulla is in Ruzomberok, where he was born.
I dont have very strong relationship to opera or musical, but drama is close to my heart. When I was younger I wanted to be a busker and play saxophone on the streets or dramaturg in an old Parisian theatre. Dramatic art has very long tradition in Greece and Italy. But later it became to be famous in countries like England and France. The most famous dramatics from these countries were William Shakespeare or Moliere. We can know them from our required reading with their dramas Hamlet and The Miser.
The year, when I want to live is year 1969 and the reason is Woodstock. I doubt anyone who was at Woodstock was ever quite the same afterwards.  Woodstock was hippies festival with world musicians like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Santana or the Who. Invitated were also The Doors, Led Zeppelin,Beatles or Bob Dylan. Tickets were free and atmosphere was nondescript. So I agree with quotation See Woodstock and die! The event was captured in the 1970 documentary movie Woodstock. I saw the document, when I was 14 and I cant stop thinking about it. So this is my dream cultural event.
A music festival is a festival oriented towards music that is sometimes presented with a theme such as musical genre, nationality or locality of musicians, or holiday. They are usually held outdoors, and are often inclusive of other attractions such as food,drinks, sports, performance art, and social activities. During the Middle Ages festivals were often held as competitions, but now they are usually for fun and relax. We also know festivals oriented towards films or theater. A film festival is the presentation  of films in one or more movie theaters. Sometimes there is a focus on a specific genre or subject (gay and lesbian film festivals) .Film festivals are typically annual events. There is organised a film festival in Cannes. Festival de Cannes reflect the dual nature of the cinema:art and industry.
I go to film festival Cinematik in Piešťany every year, where people can see more than 100 perfect films. I am convinced that Cinematik is the best film festival in Slovakia. Although I havent one favourite film, I have favourite directors like Spielberg,Tarantino or Frank Darabont and I am sure that they cannot disappoint me. The first two names are well-know, but Frank Darabont has the most famous films in the world. He directed films by Stephen King like The Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile. Slovakia organises amazing music festival,called Pohoda. I was never there because it costs too much money and I rather used them for travelling or other kind of experiences.
But if I had a choose between Slovak music festivals I would choose Pohoda. Pohoda Indoor Camping Festival, also called the autumn Pohoda, have always a quality-packed line-up full not only of music, but also of movies, theater, literature as well as debates. Organizers prepare a variety of other attractions which will make the two-day stay at the Expo Center Trenčín even more pleasant.
Sculpture is artwork created by combining materials – typically stone,marble,glass,wood, plastics,textiles. Well-known sculptures are Donatello or Michelangelo.Both are Italian renaissance sculptors.
Dance as another part of art which has various forms such as folk, classical, modern dance, dance on the ice and ballet. The well-know pieces of Slovakian art is folklore.We can say that folklore is pride of Slovak culture. We have a lot of folklore ensembles and folklore festivals. Dancers wear traditional dresses and dance to folk music. Famous folklore ensembles in Slovakia are Lúčnica,Liptov or Šarišan.
If I say street art people usually imagine graphites on the walls and youth dancing breakdance. This part of culture is soldered with drugs and criminality. But usually its not true.However street art consist of street enteratinment,too. We can see there for example clowns, henna tatto painters, singers and painters, who make you your own portrait or caricature. It is very popular in big cities full of tourists like London, New
York or Paris.
What do you see when you look at art? Just another pretty picture? Or pretty statue, or photography or drawing? It’s not always easy to tell what an artist is trying to say, and why. But we know that culture and art give us possibility to express our thoughts and impressions by beautiful form. Life would be boring and humdrum without it.


The greatest advantage of being famous is that celebrities are usually very rich so they have easier life than other people. They live in beautiful houses maintained by housekeepers, gardeners, cooks and other servants. They do not have to worry about paying bills, can afford the best clothes and drive the latest models of fast cars. What is more, they spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and the most efficient service.
Secondly, when you are famous, your name is known by everyone. Then, you are invited to the best parties and meet other celebrities. Your fans send you letters to tell you how much they admire you.

However, being recognized by everyone in the street can be annoying. Famous people have no privacy, paparazzi try to photograph them all the time, people stop them in the street, asking for an autograph. Fame carries also worry about your own safety and the safety of your family. There is always a danger that a crazy fan may try to kidnap or kill you or your children, so it is necessary to employ bodyguards. All in all, fame may be nice but not an easy thing to live with. You have money but you do not feel safe, you have friends and fans but you can never be sure if they like you for who you are or for your money.
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