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Sport, which interest me (actively or passively)
Sport is one of my hobbies. I like sport because it’s good fun and you can meet many new people. My favourite sports are football and tennis. I also like ball games – for example baseball, volleyball. I play them with my friends after school. In winter I like watching biathlon, but I don´t do any winter sport actively. I would like to try bungee jumping, sky-diving / parachuting  or rafting because they involve adrenalin and they give us the sense of achievement. I like dangerous sports. I wouldn’t like to try any of the extreme sports because I think they are too dangerous and I would be afraid of hurting myself.
My favourite sport
In our country, football is very popluar. It has many fans. It is played  in  sport stadiums. It is a game played on football picht  between two teams who try to hit a ball into a goal. The team who gives the most goals is the winner. By football we can find many new friend and have lot of fun.

Sport in my country

In my county these sport games are popular: football, ice-hockey, cycling, volleyball, tennis and so on. In summer volleyball and football are popular. Especially football is popular because many people play it in their free time and you don’t need to have expensive equipment. In winter ice-hockey, skating and snowboarding are popular because we have long winters. Ice-hockey is very popular in Slovakia and it has many fans. We have many excellent ice-hockey players who are successful in Slovakia and also in the world. Our hockey players won a gold medal and also the international cup in the past.
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