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a) I live in an ordinary single-floored family house with tile roofing (skridlova krytina) which is situated on a great position in our town, what means that the distance to school, church, shop or to anywhere where you want to go is quite short. It has also an attic and a cellar used just as a storage place. I can't forget to mention a large garden surrounding our house. To describe the interior, I'd start with enumeration of rooms. The house consists of one kitchen and larder (spajza), one living-room and a big hall, two bathrooms and three bedrooms, where one is temporarily empty. Almost each of these rooms has white walls except bathrooms and that empty one. There are two types of floor in our house. First, covered with floortilles(dlazdice) and second, wooden floor which is not so chilly, so it is placed in rooms, where we spend the most time. Rooms are furnished as usual - there are some wardrobes, tables and chairs, armchairs and beds there. There is also a plenty of apliances and electronical accessories like a big fridge and cooker in the kitchen, TV and laptops in living-room and the most important ones: desktop computer, powerfull stereo and keyboard (piano) in my room.
b) I would say that it is quite hard to compare living in town or city with living at countryside from the point of choosing which one is the best. It depends on personal preferences and to my mind, living at the countryside leads. They both have many advantages but also some drawbacks. The most important difference is environment. While there is so noisy and busy one in city, at the countryside man can have a good time relaxing in silence. Air pollution is another point. What I consider to be the biggest advantage is the extraordinary large size of parcel that mam can own for the same amount of money what he could have spent buying something much more smaller in town. However, there is one enormous disadvantage - There is almost no job opportunity except profesional farming. Therefore, people are forced to travel a lot what is pretty costy. But this may be balanced with the fact that man don't need to buy fruit and vegetables because he can grow it himself in the garden. Finally, I must mention that ''village people'' are much more helpful than the urban ones. They know each other well and they take care. Or is it over now?
c) My ideal place to live shoud be located in isolated pure nature but not so far from civilised community. I can cleary imagine dark double-floored wooden house in the middle of a forest glade (cistina v lese). It sounds gorgeously but it isn't that ideal how it seems. There may occur a big problem with supplies of water, electricity and gas. However, all of them may be solved somehow. Another drawback is that a car, or better some cars are necessity because there would be no other possibility of getting to work, school and so on. In spite of all of these facts, it is still my dreamplace to live with my family. Nevertheless, I would be completely satisfied if I knew that I won't be homeless. I don't need anything special but living in a block of flats will not siut me. Otherwise, being young and bad off (chudobny), I think that it's almost impossible to have my own house in few decades after leaving university. So that, it would be fine to live in a tenement (prenajom) for that time.
d) Home, as a place where man can go whenever he wants is the vital need of every human. It is the only place where you can feel a little bit more safety. In my opinion, we won't realize how much do we have until we are about to find our own. Type of housing depends on two factors: 1. Culture and 2. Development level of society. Just these two things influence the appearance and quality of houses and cause so enormous differences between living habits. For example, people in America build wooden houses because they consider it to be cheaper and easily replacable in case of damage. On the other hand, european people build long-lasting brick houses that may be inhabited by many generations with no need of doing bigger reparation. We can notice another difference in size of parcels. Let's compare British suburban housing and Slovak one. Slovaks own spacious parcels with nice huge houses while Britons live in thin double-floored terraced houses with tiny garden so that there may be much more of them built on one street. In my opinion it looks like a block of flats lying on the ground but it isn't as bad as block of flats.
e) Nowadays, it is really hard to get a proper accommodation without any difficulties. Particularly, young familes have the biggest issues in it because they have not enough resources to cover all expences. In spite of this fact, young people a forced to work and save their money on their own and so we can see the trend of starting familys in older age, what is to my mind unnatural and sometimes disgusting. Others, sharing my view, have three possibilities if they want to start YOUNG family. Here they are: The easiest one - Young couple may stay living with parents. Or secondly, they may rent a small flat somewhere at a residental area. Finally, they have another option what is to take a huge loan and build or buy a family house.  However, this one is the riskiest one because when man loses a job, he gets in really big trouble and he may lose everything in few days. For these reason, most of young families choose the second option, to live in a block of flats. But this brings one big threat. Families have children and as time passes they grow up. They go out with their mates playing on the playground right in front of the block of flats. But after some time, they have nothing to do and a disaster may happen suddenly.
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