American education

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American education
In the U.S.A. there is not a national system of education.Each of the 50 states has its own laws regulating education. Every child gets minimum of 13 years of education.This is of course regardless of a child's race, religion, sex, learning problems, ability to speak English or physical handicap.In the U.S.A. are two types of schools. Public, which are free and private schools. public schools prevail; not many pupils attend private schools. In american education students aren´t evaluated by marks but by grades from A to F. A being best and F being the worst.

The youngest children from 3 to 6 go to pre-school. This education includes nursery schools and kindergartens. Years in the U.S.A. are called grades, so primary school lasts from first grade until fifth grade.children in this school learn to read, write, history, arts, music and so on there.Secondary education pupils get in High schools (Middle schools). They can start study there when they are 11. Full secondary education up to the age of 18 is available for everyone. High Schools are divided into Junior High and senior high school. The elementary school leaving qualification is usually the High School Diploma.This exam isn´t compulsory. Students take this exam at the age of 18.

Higher education is extremely competitive and selective. There are two tests which are used by universities as standards for comparison: SAT (the Scholastic Aptitude Test , measures aptitudes in verbal and mathematical fields) and ACT (AMERICAN College Testing program, measures English, mathematical and scientifical skills). Only a small number of applicants are admitted. Completing the university studies is also very difficult. Universities in the U.S.A. are the best around the world ,so that´s the reason why they are so expensive.
the most well-known universities are:
- Harvard universtiy 
- Yale university 
- Princeton
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