Human relationships

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Human relationships
Human relationship describes the way people get on with each other, talk and behave towards each other. Relationships are created between parents, children, married couples, friends, men and women, employees and employers etc. The quality of relationships with others reflects our own personality. It is our choice who we talk to, how we treat other people, how much time and energy we are willing to spend with them.
Nowadays, human relationships are very complicated. Many people are stressed out, busy and tired. A full-valued relationship is something that cannot be bought for money. It is about feelings, empathy, understanding, trust, care, politeness and satisfaction.
Families are the basic social units in which informal relationships are formed. Besides others, one of the most important roles of a parent is to raise their children in accordance with social models and patterns of behaviour. It means that children observe how their parents talk, behave to their relatives, friends, colleagues and strangers. Then they behave accordingly in their adulthood. There are also many argument between parents and their children. One minute parents are being friendly, the next minute they are shouting ans screaming loudly enough for the whole street to hear. If you have problems with your parents, try to talk things over with them. Tell them what you think but be prepared to listen to them as well. It is caused by a generation gap. Young people are eager to become adults, but at the same time have doubts and fears about taking on adult responsibilities. They think that their parents care too much and are overprotective. Children often have different ideas about their future and  different life expectations than their parents have. Older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behaviour.
Relationships between neighbours – people have different relationships with their neighbours:
Some people get on well with their neighbours – they help each other when they need help, they visit each other and they are good friends.
Some neighbours have a neutral relationships – they don’t see each other very often, they only say hello to each other when they meet.
Some neighbours have a bad relationship – they don’t like each other because they argue, usually because of land, garden… This happens especially when there is a big difference between the neighbours – for example younger and older neighbours – the older neighbours don’t like loud music and so on.

Friendship and love
Friendship is a relationship between people who have something in common, spend a lot of time together, support and help each other when necessary. Friends are people who laugh together, speak about everything, share secrets. They show their true feelings. They accept each other as they are. They look at each other and see a great person, one they love spending time with. Friends are tied by memories, tears, laughs and smiles. True friends are people who are always there for you. Friendship is about giving and getting equally. The saying „A friend in need is a friend indeed“ shows the full value of friendship. There is no place for jealousy, ignorance and axcuses. We make friends during the life stages. Some friendships last a short time, others for our whole life. If we want to keep our friends for a long time, we should stay in touch with them, send e-mails, call them, send occasional cards.
Love- nice word... However, this word also means heartache and fear for someone. Most people look for a perfect partner. Teenagers fall in love with people of other sex very quickly. We say they go out together. Two people are having some kind of romantic relationship. But on the other hand, they have a lot of arguments soon and they split up. Love at first sight is possible, but i tis better to have another look. People get engaged when they have decided to get married. Wedding is a marriage ceremony with a party or meal afterwards. Nowadays, people often get married without getting engaged. People nowadays are marrying at a later age than their parents and grandparents did. The marriage are placing new responsibilities on young people. If you are married you must support your family, help your partner with the care of children, you should find a well-paid job. Life would be easier if you thought that your wife or husband is you best friend. This relationship  is based on honesty and respect for each others feelings.
The relationship between different races, religions and social groups
Society often faces relationship problems between people of different races, religions and social classes. These negative relationships are usually based on prejudice, illiteracy, intolerance and closed-mindedness. Sometimes people are just rude because they know nothing about the other person or group of people and are suspicious. Especially to people who are on the edge of the society. It means to homeless people or to addicted people.
In every country there live minorities – for example Gypsies, people who have a different colour of the skin – for example black people, Chinese people, people from India and so on. These relationships are based on prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
Society and disabled people – people usually had prejudices or they were ignorant towards disabled people in the past but the situation nowadays is better because people have more information. There are many organizations that help disabled people and look after them. Some disabled people are very intelligent – for example Dr. Stephen Hawkin – he is a scientist, he writes books and lectures at the Oxford University – he cannot move and is in his wheelchair. Many disabled people are artists, actors, sportsmen – they can participate at the Paralympic Games.

Crime and punishment
In our society there are a lot of social problems. Our society faces many problems with crime. We know different types of crime like a burglary, drug dealing, mugging, murder, rape, shoplifting, vandalism, robbery, theft or joyriding.
BURGLARY: is breaking into a house and steal things
DRUG DEALING: is selling drugs
MURDER: is if  you kill someone
SHOPLIFTING: is stealing things from shops
VANDALISM: is breaking things, for example, shop windows or telephone boxes
THEFT: is stealing money from somebody’s bag
ROBBERY: is stealing a lot of money from a bank
JOYRIDING: is stealing cars and driving them round for fun
Criminals, people who commit the crime, must be punished. They must be given an adequate punishment for the crime that they have committed. There are several types of punishment: a fine, a prison sentence, soft/hard sentences, life sentence and a death penalty. Soft sentences are given to drug dealers, muggers and burglars. They can be out on the streets only a few weeks or months after comitting their crimes or even let off with fines. What is even more scandalous is the fact that some rapists and even murderers are let out of prison after a few years. We need to think about the wishes of the families and friends of murder victims who demand that justice be done. So, in my view, murderers should get  the life sentences. A death penalty is banned in our country. The primary objective of punishment should be to reform the person who has committed the crime. We need to help and reform convicted criminals in order to make them into useful members of the community. We also need to eliminate the social problems, like drugs and poverty, that often lead to crime. Other reasons which lead to crime might be greed, hatred or revenge.
Conflict resolution
When someone is aggressive, the worst thing to do is to be aggressive back. Mediation is  a good strategy when the conflict is very serious and you have a good mediator. When you negotiating you should find out what the other person wants. You should propose solutions which do not threaten the other person.
Other resolution:
People should be more tolerant to each other if we want to live in better society. They should try to speak to each other with politeness and they should not be rude to people that they do not know. When we behave better to each other, the life would be easier and we would be more happy.
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