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Types: In modern society we are in daily contact with different types of  mass media. We recieve most of our information through television, newspaper, radio or the Internet. These are the media that reach a very large audience, that is way they are called mass media.
Functions: They serve first of all, as sources of information. They allow us to follow the world affaires soon after the events happen. In the case of live  broadcasting, we learn about current events as they happen. Most people follow the national and world news regularly to be well-informed. In the case of cathastrophes, such as earthquakes or terrorist attacks, the whole world follows the mass media to get the latest information. Many channels broadcast breaking news in such situations.
  Mass media do not only inform, but they also educate. Documentary programmes  take us to places we would never have a chance to see and provide us with information that we would othewise  not know about.
  Apart from  the informative and educative function, the role of mass media is to entertain. Thousands  of people sit in front of their TV sets at the same time  and watch a World Cup final match in football or hockey. People like to relax watching films, sitcoms, soap operas or series;  some prefer to discussions or reality shows. For many people the TV or the Internet are the only ways of entertaining themselves. The sick, the unemployed, the disabled or lonely people normally watch it much more then people who have families or who are busy. On the other hand, there are people who prefer to read, meet others  or go out instead of watching TV.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  The advantages:

- get everyday information about: econimics, politics, sport, entertaiment, weather
- good for relax
- good for education; Nowadays there is wide selection of foreign language channels – interesting way how to learn foreign language
- spend time together with family or friends and have a fun

The disadvantages:
- we damage our sight
- spend too much time - we don´t have time to do some sports, learn, go out with friends, tidy up, go for a walk in the fresh air
- we can get fat when we eat in front of TV; Such people who eat in the dinning room in front of TV are called COACH POTATOES.
- watching TV has bad influence on children - action, erotic, thriller because films are full of violence, killing, murder, sex,...
- the members of the family have an argument what program to watch

The advantages:
· listening to the radio at work, working at home, driving a car, good background during household works
· making good mood
· music, entertainment & info
· for people who do not like reading, think buying of a newspaper every day is expensive
The disadvantages:
· problems with receving radiowaves in mountines or distant villages.
The advantages:

- download the articles, texts, music, films, games, files
- internet banking to pay bills
- chat, watch online TV, talk to family trough the webcamera
- send, read, write e-mails
- arrange / booking holiday
- buying some goods

The disadvantages:
- we can get addicted to become gamblers
- misuse personal information
- hackers can get into bank account
- viruses can damage computer (delete files)
- get in touch with stranges who can be dangerous (at social networks)

The advantages:
· specialized information - historical, do-it-yourself, gastronomic, financial, about gardening, for women, mother, children, teenage
· relax, entertainment (crosswords, sudoku)

The disadvantages:
· expensive - especially for regular readers
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