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Newspapers and magazines
There are two types of newspapers : broadsheets (large sheet, quality, objective and serious news) and tabloids (smaller size, relatively poor, high number of features about stars, sports, celebrities, tent to be illustrated, gossips, headline sometimes bigger than article, SR – Nový čas,  GB – The sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail…).

There are many sections in newspaper (such as leader, editorial, news reports, feature articles, international/domestic news, political commentaries, business news, cartoons, sports reports, the letter page, classified adds, reviews…) and every reader can find what he is interested in.

Most newspapers are daily newspapers. SME is a daily paper with nationwide distribution that is widely read and influential. Pravda is another widely read paper in our country. The best selling daily, however, is the tabloid Nový čas whose supplements „Nový čas víkend“ and „Nový čas pre ženy“ have become very popular. Economic periodicals include the daily Hospodárske noviny and a weekly Trend. The Slovak Spectator  is a weekly English  language newspapers providing information about Slovakia in English. Most of newspapers now have their online editions, which are more and more popular.

In the UK there are five quality daily papers broadsheets, The Times, The Guardian, The Fianancial Times, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph which contain a wide variety af national and international news, reports from parliamentary debats, reviews of the arts, features about fashion and sport and business news. Nearly all the papers pay special attention to the reporting of sports, which play  an important role in British life. Then there are papers with a high circulation, such as The Daily Mirror and The Sun, which are „popular papers“  or tabloids. They hardly publish any serious material. The articles mostly deal with  sex scandals of pop stars.
  The largest daily newspapers published in the USA are The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times, The Washington Post and  New York Daily News followed by such titles  as The Los Angels Times, The Chicago Tribune or The Boston  Globe . All of these are very quality papers.
As for magazines they are more attractive for public because of their style. Majority of them are published once a week/month, quarterly but there is a few published irregulary.  Many of them are specialised: lifestyle magazines for men, women and teenagers, for people intrested in sport, gardening, cars etc.

As for selection of concrete newspaper or magazine we can divide readers into several groups. In my opinion, the biggest amount of people has its favourite magazine which is bought regular on the basis of their job or hobby. Second group is created by readers who choose newspaper or magazine according to title page because pulishers place there the announcements about the biggest senzations such as: scandals, affairs, tragedies to fix attention of readers. Next group include readers who buy magazines according to actual need for example: if we want to build a new house we buy magazine about buildng or architecture; if someone is going to marry or is preparing a wedding she buys a wedding magazine. As for me I prefer articles about medicine because my dream is to be a doctor one day. I buy slovak magazine Zdravie every month because I can find there a lot of usefull information which can help me in my future study. This magazine brings not only scientific information but also personal stories of patients.
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