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a) vplyv počasia a podnebia na odievanie,
b) odev a doplnky na rôzne príležitosti,
c) výber oblečenia (móda, vek, vkus, nálada, možnosti), starostlivosť o oblečenie,
d) módne trendy - farby, tvorcovia, módne prehliadky,
e) šaty robia človeka, šaty na mieru alebo konfekcia (v obchode s odevmi, u krajčíra)

 Fashion is the way of dressing that is popular at certain time. It is the main concern of all people who want to be „in“. Fashion changes very fast and sometimes is quite difficult to say what is still trendy and what is already out of fashion.
For centuries, individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adornments as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, gender, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is a form od free speach. It not only embraces clothing, but also accessories, jewellery, hairstyles, beauty and body art.
The way we dress is undisputedly connected with the weather. In summer, we all prefer light and airy materials, such as cotton, silk. We wear short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts or T-shirts, loose blouses with a low neckline, skirts gathered at the waist or bell-shaped trousers, shorts od Bermuda shorts, sandals and slippers. Flip-flops have recently become a big fashion trend. When we go swimming, we wear a swimming costume (bikini, one-piece or two-piece) or trunks, sometimes a beach gown and a straw hat.
In winter, warmer materials, such as cotton, wool and nylon are preffered. Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, jumpers, pullovers, cardigans, polo necks, anoraks or coats, mittens or glooves, hats, caps, scarves and boots are worn.
People dress different for various occasions. Formal situations,such as public parties, balls or banquets require formal, smart clothes. Women take special care of being dressed-up. Some of them are willing to spend a lot of money on unique ball dresses, shoes or accessories and also jewellery. Ladie´s handbags should match their dresses and shoes. Gentlemen are expected to wear a dark suit or tuxedo, a white shirt with cuff links, a single colour bow tie and dark shoes. Not only special occassions, but also some jobs require special clothes. For instance business clothes. For men business suits, for women costumes, suits, dresses or shirt-blouse. Today, there is a real trend away from the ultra-conservative dress mode in most industries. There is greater flexibility – a greater range of acceptable styles and modes today than in the recent past. Men in business are recommended to wear wool suits of darker tones (navy, grey, even black). Shirts should be cotton or cotton blends, white, pastel, light grays, etc. Dress codes differ from industry to industry, profession to profession.
There is a number of dress accessories, which match the dress of the owner. Dress accessories can be sub divided into two broad groups, those that are used by women and the ones in use by men. Women have a number of accessories that include many items from the head to the feet. There are a variety of hair clips, hair bands, hairpins, and hair jewellry that form the normal items of any good wardrobe. There are many dress items also including under garments, handkerchiefs, scarves, mufflers and socks that go as acceptable dress accessories of women today. There are belts, leather handbags, purses, wallets and cell phone covers that now find a place in the wardrobe today. You can find a range of sunglasses with varying designs.
Men: Belts, ties cufflinks and tiepins are already standard equipments of a man's wardrobe. Coats hangers, blazers and suits make the wardrobe proud. Shoes of various styles and designs are common dress accessories for the fashion conscious man of today.
Millions of dollars are being spent now in this industry. The well-dressed man of today is considered the man with a great amount of wealth power and personality. Iconic figures have their originations from the wardrobes of today. Dress accessories are simply something that cannot be done without.


People´s attitudes towards fashion are quite different. Some of them can spend a fortune on clothes in brand name, other are not interested in fashion at all. But on the other hand, there are people who want to be in, but can´t affor to buy expensive clothes. The good thing about fashion is that some trends from the previous generation come back so it sometimes happens that children wear similar clothes as they parents wore, when they were young. We can also expected that something which is old- fashioned today may look trendy and romantic in a few years.


The way of dressing is one of the signs of faith. Islamic women have to wear long, dark clothes and veils to cover their whole body. Men are expected to wear a tunic. Another example is the Amish population in Lancaster County, USA. They follow a set of unwritten rules that prescribe behaviour, appearance and othes aspects of life. Amish men wear dark-coloured suits, straight-cut coats, wide trousers and black shoes. Amish women wear modest dresses made from single-coloured fabric. The dresses are long-sleeved and covered with an apron. Amish women are not permitted to wear jewellry or printed fabric.
There are days when you feel down, a little bit sad, so you put on something black, or brown or grey. On the contrary, when you are happy, you feel like smiling and enjoying the life to the full you choose to wear vivid colours with funny prints that really show the way you feel. Many times we get dressed according to our states of mind, but we really don't realize it. Only when the persons around us ask the reason for our sadness or our joy we come to see that we had chosen some clothes that showed the others how we feel that day.
All clothes require special care if we want to wear them for a longer time. Therefore, we should follow the washing and ironing instructions on the clothes labels. Some clothes wash easily, others require dry cleaning or must be washed only by hand. Greasy stains can be washed with stain removers. The worst happens when coloured clothes are washed together with white ones. If we are not sure how to care about clothes, we can go to a local laundrette and have them washed and ironed there.
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