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Fashion trends, designers, brands
For many people, fashion, the newest trends made by the famous fashion designers are passion. They watch fashion shows from the catwalk on TV, read magazines, such as Vogue or Cosmopolitan, or click on the websites to find out what is hot for the next season.
There is a difference among patterns, colours, materials. Usually, the trends are changing on winter, spring, summer and autumn. In generally, there are some basic rules which help you to dress properly. For instance, at first you should know what colours are suitable for you and which influence your mood. Then, asses your current wardrobe to decide which colors coordinate best. Begin to use color to express yourself: red for power, pink for flirting, black for chicness, etc. Don't stray too far from your normal style with color: if you're used to wearing beiges, fuchsia will be too stark of a contrast. Don't pay too much attention to which colors you should or shouldn't wear according to your hair, skin an eye colors. Most of us have cosmetically altered our natural colors anyway. Magazines also advise you how to develop your own signature style, it means something which is typical for you.

Women often complain they don´t have nothing to wear. One fashion magazine offer an advice, how to develop a wardrobe. In the first step of cleaning out your closet, eliminate everything that doesn't fit or that you haven't worn in a year. With what's left, begin identifying a theme to your wardrobe, relying on favorite looks, colors and lifestyle pieces. Decide on three colors that either match or will coordinate with what you own and buy only those three colors for apparel. Make a "Most Wanted" list of all the items you need in your wardrobe. (For example: solid blazer, wool pants, white shirt). Buy fashionable, but timeless clothing that will span two to three seasons -- like wool crepe or matte jersey. Try to add only one or two well-thought out items per month. Designers consider mixing as the best you can do. Mix day and night, masculine and feminine, soft and hard, street and couture, sporty and dressy, romantic with hard edged…classic and funky, hard and soft, the humble with the grand, mix seasons (summer and winter ).


There are some fashion designers and brands who dictates the world´s fashion trends. Among them can we certainly include names as Alexander McQueen, Dolce&Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Versace, Prada or Ralph Lauren. These brands offer us smart and unusual clothes. They organize fashion shows, where models showcase the new hot trends. We also shouldn´t forget very famous and fancied brand of lingerie – Victoria´s secret. Brands, such as Nike, Puma or Adidas offer sporty clothes. They are prefered especially by young people.
A few years ago, the possibilities to follow fashion were quite limited, so many women sewed the clothes themselves. Nowadays, people prefer ready-made clothes instead of making them made by dressmakers or tailors. Some people go to the tailors to have their old clothes repaired or adjusted to the latest fashion. Tailors take their measurements of entire body, customers can choose the cut, design, material and the pattern of cloth. Before the clothes are ready, customers must try them a few times so that they fit perfectly.
Clothes make the man
Clothes have always been a very delicate issue, no matter if man or woman. For hundreds and hundreds of years, mankind has struggled to keep up with fashion. The reason for all this is not very clear, as the world is still divided between the people who believe that clothes make the man and the ones to not care about their appearance. Everyone has a style, whether they think they do or not. Everyone is judged by what they wear, whether they think they are or not. Your clothing is a reflection of you in one way or another. But that doesn't mean that it necessarily reflects your personality. Many people wear certain clothing styles to try and fit in, others to impress, and some just wear the clothes they have. One of the very first impressions anyone gets from another person is what type of clothing or shoes they are wearing.
Unfortunately, the thin line between analysing and libeling can be easilly crossed. The result is that people lacking of money or taste to dress nicely would have also lack of opportunities. If you go to a job interview and you are not properly dressed, you do not get the job, even if you are qualified for it. It is not only about the job opportunities, but also about your everyday life. If you go to a party and the choice you made for the out-fit is not the best, you won't be noticed or worse - you'll be the subject of the night's gossip. If you go on a first date and your partener comes dressed as if he were going jogging, you probably won't answer his calls the next day. It also might be difficult to gain respect of your employees or fellow workers, if you don´t dress properly.

On the other hand, people will always try to express a certain style by the way they dress. Style is what makes us different from each other. It helps us express our true selves, even if we are wearing the similar clothes.
Clothes should not be given so much importance today, but they are and if we don't want to feel left out, we should stay in touch with the latest news in the domain.
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