My summer holiday

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My summer holiday

My last summer holiday I was in many countries. I visited Bulgaria, New York City, Ireland and England. In Bulgaria, we were on the Sunny Beach, it is about 50 km from Burgas. Me, my family and my girlfriend came there few days before holiday started. We were traveled by airplanes, it is amaying, when the plane leave the ground and takeoff to sky’We were accommodation in hotel Kotva near the beach. Weather was perfect, but it was too hot. In the areal of hotel was 4 swimming pool and 3 bars. One of three bars was in the swimming pool. We stayed there 12 nice days with my parents! Next country, where I was on holiday was New York.

This city for me is the best of all! When I went on the street and everywhere were many yellow taxies car, it was amazing! I was on the Liberty Island and I was under the Statue of Liberty. USA is completely different world. I was accommodation in hotel Pennsylvani. This hotel is on 7th av. When I arrived in front of hotel, I saw over the street and I looked on Madison square garden. Next day I was on basketball match. New York was the best after sunset, when you go on the street and million bulbs is shine, it was perfect. I was have a look on Time square, where were many tourists from all corners of the world. Atmosphere can not describe, you have to experience it! When I came at home, next week I was flying to Ireland.

There was beautiful natural! We went from Dublin over the Ireland to westernmost part of Ireland. Every night, we slept in other hotel, it was very interesting and funny. The best of all after naturel were breakfast. In Ireland and England was very good breakfast. After this trip, we came back to Dublin, where we stayed one or two nights and after we flew back home. My dad and my brother like football. When was started season of football in England, we flew there for 4 days. We were have look for one football match, where were over 30 000 fans. I’ve never seen more people in one place! I was taken very good photos. We stayed in Holiday Inn hotel near the river. We were in Liverpool City. This city have two parts, one part is modern and one part is historical.
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