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Dátum: 10.03.2008
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Nowadays mobile phones are thought necessary. Every man, every woman, even almost every child has one. And they find it great invention.
I also have one. I can´t imagine my ordinary day without it. What would wake me up every morning? Without my mobile I would oversleep to school and would miss all the "exciting" moments during our lessons.

In school I would soon get bored without pushing all it´s buttons, playing gamer or taking photos of my "favourite" teachers. And then, after school, how should I arrange some meeting without mobile? And how should my mother tell me to buy bread and other important thing? Should she send me a pigeon with a message on his leg? It would seem very weird if I got pigeon, read a small paper and then say: "Oh, God, I have to go to the grocerry"!

And now, try to imagine situation, that you got lost in some crowded place, for example on train staition in some huge city. How would you find your relatives or acquintances? By screaming? It would hardly work. But you can simply pick up your phone, call somebody and tell him to wait on some easy-finding place.
You can sse, life is so simple with mobiles and difficult without them. That´s why mobile phones are things without which I can´t imagine my life. And can you imagine yours?
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