Healthy eating

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Healthy eating
Most of us understand that we all need daily dosage of specific amount of vitamins and minerals for the normal functioning and the physical well-being of our bodies. If all your meals could be well-thought-out, then supplying your body with the needed vitamins and minerals wouldn’t be a problem. If that’s not the case then you may suffer from some forms vitamins deficiency. Symptoms usually appear when vitamins deficiency has been going on for a while. If you don’t get enough vitamin B2, for example, your eyes could be watery and irritated and more sensitive to sunlight. You may experience cracked skin around the mouth area and soreness in lips and tongue. If you don’t get enough vitamin A, for example, you could experience reduced night vision and dry, irritated eyes and rough and dry skins.

Vitamins deficiency is frequently caused by eating un-balanced diet, consuming too much alcohol, stress, and certain medications and health conditions. If you feel lethargic most of the time, you are likely to be deficient in some vitamins. I remember one time when my mom had some eyes problem, she went to see a physician and he prescribed vitamin B complex. After two months of taking daily dosage of the vitamin, her eyes problem went away. You may be consuming a well-balanced diet on daily basis; nevertheless, there is always a possibility that you may be lacking some vitamins. It’s always a good idea to take vitamin supplements, especially the vitamins that you may be lacking.

It’s a good idea to take a multivitamin supplement and be sure to always take it with the meal. Just be sure not over do it, because excessive amount of some vitamins and mineral can be toxic to your system. Taking excessive iron supplement, for example, can cause heart and liver damage.

If you are on medication, be sure to check with your physician to ensure that the vitamins are not going to interfere with the medication. You should educate yourself about different types of vitamins, how they affect your bodily functions and find out about different vitamins deficiency symptoms. Whenever you can’t have a balanced diet, when you are stressed out or are in any conditions that could cause you to be lacking in some vitamins, you should turn to vitamin supplements. Vitamin and mineral supplements are by no means to replace a well-balanced diet, but to provide an added boost your nutritional requirements.
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