Choosing a job

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Choosing a job
Every person has to make a living by doing a job. And such as we become older and older we have to find our place in society. Taking up one career is an important step in everybody’s life. In childhood and even later as teenagers, we did not think hard about how important such a decision is. Most children have only vague ideas of what they want to be. At first they admire so called “hero” professions such as pilots, astronauts, firemen, policemen. Girls want to become actresses, models, singers or ballet dancers. As we grew up, we became wiser and mature, gained more knowledge about ourselves and the society we live in, and we gradually have an idea about what we would like to do and what job would be appropriate for us. We need a job in which we can make the most of our talent, as well as job in which we can make enough money to cover our living costs.
Choosing a future career can be influenced by different factors: 
a)  Some children look up to their parents and want to follow in their footsteps
b)  money can also influence student´s decision, 
c)  some students choose a certain job to obtain high social status 
d) in an ideal case students choose a profession, which they are interested in
e)  personal qualities of a student also play a vital role in choosing a career. It is important whether one likes working in a team or individually, whether one is extrovert or introvert

Jobs can be divided according to working time into the following:
a)  Full-time jobs - usually it´s 8 hours a day. A FTJ can also be working shifts, which means that an employee must work at different times of the day.
b) Part-time jobs - you have more free time but naturally earn less.
c)  Permanent jobs - don´t finish after a fixed period. 
d) Temporary jobs - you work for a company only for a limited period of time. 
e)  Seasonal jobs -  working only for a limited period of time at specific time of the year. 
f) Freelancers - those people who work at home for different business partners on contractual basis e.g. a translator, web designer. It isn´t as secure as a full-time jobs, but you can organise his/her workdays.
We can divide jobs into three groups :
1.1  Physical works
First group contains jobs which we can call manual or physical jobs. Manual work doesn´t always require secondary school or higher qualification. Workers must often work in difficult working conditions. Most of young people do not want to do this type of job, because it is worst paid and you have to work hard for long hours. But these jobs aren´t as stressful as of mental workers and  sometimes a well paid manual worker in Slovakia can earn as much as people with university education or even more On the other hand this is an only way for people who do not have higher education. Nowadays, it is year after year, less people who are applying for this job. This is one of reasons why are agriculture, tailoring or coal mining considered like declining industries in our country and all over the world too.
1.2  Mental works
Second group is called mental work. Mental works are done by doctors, computer analysts, businessmen, bankers, lawyers, teachers, engineers or people in management. But if you want to do any of the above mentioned jobs, you have to have higher education (available at universities and colleges). And you have to work really hard to get the qualifications which are required in these professions. Apart from the proper qualifications, you also need certain qualities or character traits. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you need determination, patience, flexibility and sensitivity. You should be good at dealing with people and be prepared work long hours – even weekends. A teacher should be friendly, good at dealing wit people, good at explaining things and have a strong sense of fairness. A computer analyst must be good at using computers, think logically and be flexible, as well. But if you are in a leading position your job is more stressful. You are responsible for other employees.
1.3  Mixture of physical and mental work : “talented job“
There are professions in which you need to have a special talent and determination. It is an individual group of jobs which are relatively well-paid, for example: artists, photographers, designers, architects, journalist actors, singers and top athletes. You do not have to have an university or work extremely hard, but it is not sedentary job and you must know “how to sell yourself“ and you must be good at doing your job . People like these can not be successful if they are not talented. To do this type of work, you need to be independent and prepared to work irregular hours. You also need a good imagination and lots of creativity.
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