Old and Young Hippies

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Old and Young Hippies

4.1The Old Hippies
Whatever happened to all the old hippies? The millions who rallied, marched, protested, chanted and boycotted? Are they now just rebels without a cause? Or have they turned into apathetic yuppies? We must ask these questions, because now is the time for them to come forth and accept the powerful role for which they are destined. When they were young, their ideals motivated their  to challenge the system. They wanted to change everything, to correct the wrongs, to reveal the hypocrisies, to bring freedom and equality to everyone, everywhere. Now hippies are older and presumably wiser, but are they still motivated by such high ideals? What happened to most of the old hippies? As they got older they married, had kids, got jobs, took on much more responsibility. They became part of the system. Now it's up to them to rediscover their lost ideals and use the power they now possess to act according to those once highly regarded principles.
4.2The Young Hippies
There's a whole generation with a new explanation.
John Phillips/Scott McKenzie (San Francisco)
What does this mean? It is means the time is right for the second coming….of hippies.
Get up, stand up! Stand up for your right! Don't give up the fight! 
Bob Marley (Get Up, Stand Up!) Young hippies feel discrimination, rejection, even humiliation from their peers. It's as politically incorrect to be a hippy these days as it ever was. Yet these young hippies continue to go out among their cohorts spreading the simple message of love and peace. Like the hippies before them, they long for community, and are willing to uproot themselves from home and family to find it. Many are seeking out communes, forming drum circles, starting websites, traveling around the country and the world, seeking freedom and fellowship. Many of these young hippies, amazingly are anti-drug.They see all illegal drugs as "dangerous or deadly". Many grow out of this prejudice and open their minds. It's not necessary to do drugs to be a hippy, but tolerance and understanding about drugs is essential. So who are these young hippies?They're a very diverse group who arrived on the hippy scene via different paths.
4.2.1 A Message to Young Hippies
Now is the time for all young hippies to come to the aid of our planet. Old hipies need young hippies now.Old hippes can teach young hippies their ways. Together they want to discuss, organize, prioritize, coordinate, motivate, and activate people. They want to develop an agenda for the new millennium, save our planet, demand tolerance, fight injustice, change the system. They want to be examples to others.
A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself.
Jim Morrison
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