Restaurant review: Healthy feast

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Dátum: 20.06.2014
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Restaurant review: Healthy feast

I have been to many different restaurants, but this one is different allmost in everyway! The name of the restaurant is " Healthy feast ". You expect it to be a restaurant with nothing else, but healthy food, but it isnt like that, it is a cafeteria styled restaurant, so you pay 20 USD and you are free to eat everything from orient to meals of our mothers, so where is the hatch?

The hatch is, that the restaurant is located at the top of the peek just a 20 kilometers from the centre of city and there is no road made for cars, so you will have to take a walk to the top, the approximate time period is about 1 hour, depending on your physical condicion. The path is pretty safe and comfortable to walk on, although there are some optional adrenaline shortcuts. The name " Healthy feast " does not represent the food that is healthy for you, but the effort you do to get to the restaurant. Once you reach the top the young and friendly staff will immidiately reward you with the cooled lemonade. Talking about the clientele it is very popular over the world and many people come to visit the city just to have a feast in that restaurant. It´s families or married pairs, but you can meet all kind of people there. The restaurant itself is very huge designed for the marriages.

Once you are done and you wanna leave, you have two options: you can use the elevator that will take you right to the place where you did stopped with your car, or you can rent a segway and take the other path down made for segways. If you want to impress your friends or family members try taking em there, it is highly recommended!
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