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Clothes have always been important for people. Clothes were important in the past mainly because they protected people against cold or rain. Later with the development of society clothes became an important sign of people‘s social status. The revolution in clothing began in the half of the 19th century with the start of the industrial revolution and the invention of the sewing machine that led to the mass production of clothes. Styles, cuts, designs and length of clothes have changed very quickly. Dressmaking has become big business. It’s a big business until today. Fashion designers, models, managers and dress-makers make lot of money of clothing industry. Today the fashion is changing faster than before. One style is almost every year replaced by other style. Fashion often returns to older styles; what was a number one for twenty years could also be in today.

People have different attitude to fashion. Each person has his own style and taste. People wear clothes according their taste, mood and character. Everybody wants to look good. Fashion includes not only clothes but also hair style, make-up, and accessories. Nowadays fashion includes also behaviour, lifestyle, and language, attitude to life, cosmetics, and furniture.

There is a wide choice of clothes we can wear. Mostly it depends on weather what we wear. Climate we are living in has four different seasons. And that means there are seasonal clothes. It is usually very hot in the summer so you need light and airy clothes which can evaporate. We use to wear short skirts and trousers with T-shirts, short-sleeved shirt and shirts without sleeves. Of course we use to wear swim suits. There are many shapes and lengths of swimming suits so everybody can find something for himself. As the weather changes and its getting cold outside the clothing has to change too. In winter you need clothes that can keep you warm and dry even if it snows outside and the air temperature is bellow zero. That means you need coat or jacket to protect of cold and rain. You need warm underwear and it is also good to have a pair of gloves, warm scarf and some cap.

There are many special occasions when you need to wear some special kind of clothing. There are many differences between clothes which are aimed for going to the theatre and clothes which are aimed for going out. For such occasions like balls, special dinners or theatre visit you have to put on something more formal. That means long dresses or woman’s suit for women and suits or tuxedos with ties or bowties for men. You have to be trim, that means special hair-do for women and perfect look for men. When we go out it is enough to put on something comfortable in which we can feel good.


1. How important is fashion for you?
I like to be well dressed. But I think there are more important things in my life like fashion is. I like to have nice clothes, I like to feel good. Everything what I wear has to be comfortable. I think fashion is a part of our lifestyle. It is a kind of art which is available for everyone, you can buy it and present in the public. Everyone can find something for himself.

2. Are you eccentric in what you wear?
No, I am not eccentric. I usually wear comfortable clothes which I like. I think there is a wide choice of what is eccentric. For every one of us can something different be eccentric. This could be some special style of clothing like punk or rock style is. This also includes hairstyle, make-up and of course behaviour.

3. Do colours play an important influence in your choice of clothes?
I think they do. The right chosen clothes could make us prettier or slimmer. It depends on what for a skin type we are. There is a cold and warm type. We should be careful by choosing clothes. Some colours couldn’t be suitable for us. They can make us bad- looking. Some people choose colours according to their mood. So I think everyone of us has a different attitude to colours.

4. What kind of materials do you like?
I like to wear comfortable clothes all should be agreeable. So I prefer natural fabrics with polyester which are god to wear. Of course it depends on season what I wear. In summer I prefer light, airy and natural materials which can evaporate well. On the other hand when it is colder I prefer warmer fabrics which can protect me from cold. These are fabrics like wool, fur or cotton.

5. Do you agree that the way a person buys clothes reveals something about his personality?
I think it could reveal something but not all about us. If somebody looks trim and if he is well- dressed we can see that he like to look good. But I think the way of people are clothing couldn’t tell us anything about their characters. The first impression is important but it tells us anything about the person. It can show us only the attitude to fashion of this person not his character and qualities.

6. Do you buy new clothes according to the mood you are in when you are out shopping?
No, I don’t. When I am in bad mood I don’t go shopping. I usually choose clothes which I like. Everything has to be comfortable and agreeable. It doesn´t depend on my mood, it depends on my taste and style.

7. Brand names make young people uniform. What is your attitude?
Nowadays are brand name clothes popular especially among young people. It is such of lifestyle and attitude to life. On the other hand they look like the same one person. Nobody differs. It is a kind of uniform, something what they have to wear. Everywhere you can see young people who are dressed in one style and nobody is different.

From book
accessory    doplnok
baggy    vrecovitý
bowtie    motýlik
canvas    plátno
choker    šatka na krk, vysoký golier
chubby    zaoblený
comeback    návrat
closet    šatník
consistent    zásadový
cropped    s odrezkami
cute    rozkošný
evaporate    odpariť
fabric    tkanina
fake    falošný
insulate    izolovať
pattern    vzor
print    vzorovaná látka
purity    čistota
reveal    odhaliť
silk    hodváb
spandex    elastické vlákno
strappy    remienkový
strain    napínať sa
trench    nepremokavý
touch    zásah
tweedy    tvídový
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