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In our lives we have many important places, which mean a lot for us. These places are connected with our memories and experiences. We like to return to these places because we like to commemorate these wonderful times of our lives.

People always want to recognize new areas; they want to learn something new about foreign places, their cultures and lifestyles. So they use to travel and recognize the world or they only want to spend their holidays far away from places, where they live. There are many places which people can recognize. There are areas which are connected with history and our ancestors. So people can learn something new for example about themselves. Everyone can find something for himself. There are many possibilities for the active ones. They can recognize nature’s beauty by hiking. They can visit national parks and nature reservations. There are also places where people can relax and forgot all their problems. Spas are very popular nowadays. People can spend most of their holiday by relaxing, massages or haling cures. There are many places in the world. Every one of them is for something special and extraordinary. There are areas where people live, where their homes are, where they spend most of their leisure time. There are also areas where mankind have never been. There is only wild nature without people’s interference. So we have a wide choice of places. It is enough to choose this one which would be the ideal place for us.


1. Compare life in the city to life in the countryside.
There are many differences between life in the city and life in the countryside. I live in the city. There are many advantages of such a life. There is everything available. There are many cultural and shopping facilities, everything is near. Life in the city is busier. People can go out in the evenings, they can meet with friends. In the city there are also more jobs available. I like living in the city, I have more privacy there. Nobody knows me. I have everything there. On the other hand living in the countryside can also be interesting. People live in beautiful surroundings. They are in nature. There isn’t so much noise, there is a peaceful atmosphere. There are also some disadvantages. People can’t get everything there. There are only few of shops; there use to be only one or two shops for the whole village. There aren’t many cultural facilities too. People have to travel to work because there aren’t many jobs available. Everyone knows you. it could be disagreeable when your neighbours are too curious. They usually poke their noses into what isn’t their business.

2. Would you prefer to live in the city centre or in the suburbs?
There are many advantages and disadvantages of such a living. People who live in the city centre have everything near. On the other hand there is always too much noise. People who live on the suburbs have more agreeable atmosphere for living. So if I should choose where I would live, I would prefer living in the suburbs.

3. Describe an ideal place to live at various stages in life (it means youth, middle age, married life).
I think it is different and it depends on people. People of different ages prefer different qualities. Young people want to be free and independent. They want to enjoy the life. So they prefer living in cities because they want to have fun. They use to visit cultural facilities, they like to go dancing, they like going to pubs and meeting with friends. Families with children would prefer living in more peaceful parts of the town or living in the countryside. In places which are safe enough for living. They need places where their children can play, where they can be in contact with nature. Elderly people would prefer quiet place for living. They need places where they can relax. So I think living in the countryside or in quiet parts of town would be an ideal place for them.

4. What would you do if you were a major?
If I could change some things in our town I would change many things. I would invest some money to improve the traffic situation in our town. It is terrible. There are always traffic jams in the morning and in the afternoon. People spend about 30 minutes by waiting in the traffic jam. The other thing what I want to improve is the green. I think in our town there is a lack of green. If I could I would spend money to built parks and playgrounds for children. I would also spend money to attract visitors and travellers to visit our town. More tourists would bring more money to our town.

5. Explain why people like visiting castles?
Many people like visiting castles in their leisure time. They use to make family trips and they can spend much time by sightseeing. I think these people want to learn something new about their ancestors. They want to recognize the history; they want to recognize the way of people’s life in the past. They want to feel like in fairytale.

6. Which places in Slovakia are popular by holiday makers?
In our country there are lot of places, which can attract holiday makers. There is a wide choice of places which they can visit. We have a wonderful nature in our country. We have beautiful woods and mountains. There are many national parks and nature reservations which they can visit. Our country is also rich in mineral springs so there are also lot of spas. Visitors can spend a week by relaxing, massages and healing cures. We have also many sights in our country. There are a lot of castles, historical buildings, and many medieval towns. So they can recognize the history. Visitors have many possibilities of how they can spend their holiday in our country.

7. What does your birthplace mean to you?
Birthplace is a place where I was born. I was born in Trnava. All my life is connected to this town. I have my friends and family there. I go to school there. I spend much of my leisure time there. It is a place where I live, where I feel good. It is a place where I belong to.

Towns and Places
geographical position    zemepisná poloha
on the coast    na pobreží
lie far from    leží ďaleko od
border    hranica
frontier    hranica
flat    rovinatý
climate    podnebie
mediterranean    stredozemný
moderate    mierny
good communications    dobré komunikácie
public transport    verejná doprava
tram    električka
capital city    hlavné mesto
coastal town    mesto na pobreží
seaside town    mesto na pláži
mountain village    podhorská dedina
spa town    kúpeľné mesto
medieval town    stredoveké mesto
square street     námestie
lane    cesta, chodníček
avenue    ulica, aleja zo s na juh
pedestrian crossing    prechod pre chodcov
zebra crossing    pásy na ceste
public lavatories    verejné WC
rich in raw materials    bohatý na suroviny
natural resources    prírodné zdroje
shopping facilities    možnosti na nakupovanie
boutique    butik
department store    obchodný dom
corner shop    obchod na blízku
cultural facilities    kultúrne možnosti, zariadenia
playground    ihrisko
stadium    štadión
creches    jasle
nursery school    jasle
kindergarten    škôlka
campus    univerzitné mestečko
places of interest    miesta záujmu
monument    pamätník
church    kostol
cathedral    katedrála
palace    palác
manor house    veľkostatok, panstvo

From book

cask    súdok
charming    okúzľujúci
composer    skladateľ
flock    zhromaždiť sa
glorious    nádherný, úžasný
grim    smiať sa
guilty    vinný
locomotor apparatus    pohybové ústrojenstvo
matinee    popoludňajšie predstavenie
precincts    okolie, areál
refuge    útočisko
remarkable    pozoruhodný
sceptre    žezlo
siege    obliehanie
startle    vyľakať
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