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Leisure is the time when people don’t work. In this time they can relax by doing some leisure activity. They have many possibilities how they can spend it. There is a wide choice of leisure time activities and every one can find something for him. It doesn’t matter if actively or passively.

Free time activities
vary from season to season. In summer people want to be out and enjoy nice weather. They spend the majority of their leisure time being out. Young people usually go swimming and sunbathing. They can also do some sports which are typical for summer. They can play beach volleyball or badminton. They can also make trips and go in to the nature. There are also many activities for elderly people. In summer gardening is popular among middle- aged and elderly people. They grow fruit and vegetable. In winter we spent most of our free time at home. The weather isn’t hot so people prefer staying at home. They can read books or watch TV; they can work on their do-it-yourself projects. They can also do some hand works like sewing or knitting. There are also some sports which people can do in winter. They can go skiing or sledding. They can go to the theatre or to the cinema.

There are thousands of hobbies which people can practice. Every one can find something for him. I think every one should have a hobby. In my opinion it is a good relaxation. People can forget their troubles; they don’t have to think on their problems. And it is a big advantage. They can also get some new knowledge and experiences, because learning new thins can also be a hobby. People can learn foreign languages or visit some science clubs. Another one popular leisure activity for people of every age is meeting up with friends. People like going out and chatting with their friends. They can go out for a meal, they can go to a bar or café. Nowadays pubs are favourite places to meet up with friends. Especially popular among young people is clubbing. Young people can dance and recognize new people there. Every one can find something for him.


1. Describe your leisure time activities.
I do many things in my free time. It depends on how much free time I have. During the week I usually don’t have much free time. I have to learn lot, because the school leaving examination comes soon. Only sometimes I have nothing to learn. I always do my leisure activities in the evenings. My favourite activity is dancing. I like it because it is so relaxing. I dance belly dance for four years and I do it once a week. By dancing I can forget all my troubles and it is also good for my body. It keeps me fit and healthy. Other evenings during the week I watch TV or go out with my friends. During weekends I like going to the cinema or to the pub with my friends. We entertain us and always have lot of fun together.

2. Describe the ideal leisure centre.
I think in every town there should be a leisure centre where people can relax and spend their free time. The ideal leisure centre should offer a wide choice of leisure time activities for people of every age. People could do sports there, there should be creative circles where people could paint or model. This kind of leisure centre should make trips for people. They could recognize foreign lands and cultures. The ideal leisure centre should offer a wide choice of leisure activities and everyone should find something for him there.

3. Give a list of typical free time activities of Slovak men (young, middle-aged, elderly).
Activities of Slovak men are different. It depends on their age. Teenagers and children spend most of their free time with friends. They like going out and having fun. Especially popular activity among boys is playing football. They like playing it everywhere. They can also do some other sports. Activities of middle- aged are different. They can spend their leisure time actively or passively. They can do sports (like tennis or golf), may of them like watching sport on TV. They can work on their do-it-yourself projects or remodelling something. Elderly men can spend their free time by going to the nature, by making trips or gathering mushrooms. But especially popular activity among elderly men is gardening.

4. Give a list of typical free time activities of young people your age.
The majority of young people my age spend their free time with friends. They like going out or going for meal, they also like sitting in pubs and clubbing. Nowadays is surfing on the Internet very popular among young people. They like chatting with people of foreign countries. They can also do some sports or have their hobbies.

5. Which extracurricular activities (e.g. sport, dance…) are offered at your school?
At our school there is a wide choice of extracurricular activities. There is a school magazine where pupils can publish their works. There is also circle of translators for pupils who want to improve their language skills. Other one is circle of law which is a good preparation for future lawyers. Our school is aimed on sport so there are many sports circles. Pupils can play basketball or volleyball. They can also strengthen their bodies in school gym. In our school there is also a choir which is called Cantica nova. Members of Cantica sing and travel a lot so they have also the possibility to recognize the world.

6. What do you think about collectors? What can we collect? How would you describe people who are real collectors?

Collectors are people who collect something. They can collect everything (coins, napkins or badges). Real collector is somebody who has a big collection of things. He obtains other pieces to enrich his collection. He can buy new things or change them with other collectors.

7. Which of leisure activities do you consider the most useful?

In my opinion the most useful hobbies are the active ones. People can move by them. Doing sports is also good for their health. It keeps them fit and they are in good condition. People can also learn the endurance and fair play. It can strengthen their characters.

8. Have you ever thought of taking up new hobby?
Yes, I have. I always wanted to start with ballroom dancing but it is difficult. I don’t have enough time. These days I am busy with school. And you also need to have a partner for ballroom dancing. It is difficult to find someone. Boys usually don’t like dancing.

9. How much time do you spent on your hobby?
These days I don’t spend much time on my hobby. I am busy. When I have enough time I usually spend one and half hour on my hobby. I dance once a week. Sometimes I dance at home only for myself. It is a good kind of relaxation. I can forget all my troubles. I relax only.

10. How could students benefit from having a school magazine?
I think there are many advantages for students who work for school magazine. At first they can improve their language skills and grammar because there should be everything correct in magazine. The other advantage is that they can publish their work there. And of course it is a good preparation for them who want to study journalism in the future.

11. What would you do instead of watching TV?
I usually watch TV when I have nothing else to do. Instead of that I can do many other things. I can go out with my friends or make trips. I can go to the cinema or read a book. There are many possibilities. It depends only on weather. During sunny days I always want to be out and enjoy the day. During rainy days I want to be at home.

12. How many hobbies have you had so far?

I have had many hobbies. When I was a child I have had another hobby every moment. I collected things (from napkins and coins to packages of chocolates). It was a great fun for me. Then I was interested in learning foreign languages. I started to learn German when I was six. I also liked painting. And last for years I am interested in dancing. My hobbies are changing.

Interests and Leisure
entertainment zábava
practise one´s hobby venovať sa, mať záľubu
collector´s clubs zberateľské kluby
keep pets mať domáce zviera, starať sa oň
a weekend cottage chata na víkend, voľné dni
leisure time activities aktivity vo voľnom čase
playing ball games hrať loptové hry
hiking turistika
cycling cyklistika
rowing veslovanie
roller- skating korčuľovanie na kolieskových korčuliach
skate- boarding skejtbordovanie
wind- surfing windsurfing
wawe- gliding kĺzanie sa na vlnách
gathering mushrooms zbieranie húb
get a takeaway ísť sa najesť von
get take out ísť sa najesť von
go out ísť von
movies/cinema kino
go sailing plachtiť
climbing šplhať sa
camping kempovanie
go over to somebody´s house ísť k niekomu domov
have a barbecue mať párty na záhrade
go out with chodiť s niekým, randiť

From book

average priemer
development rozvoj
division delenie
earn získať
famine hlad
improvement zlepšenie
obligation povinnosť
proportion pomer
priority priorita
relate to týka sa niečoho, súvisieť s niečím
volunteer dobrovoľník
witness svedčiť, byť svedkom
constant stály, nemenný
diary denník
dweller obyvateľ
estimate odhad
flaw formálny chyba
increase zvýšiť
narrow zúžiť
pace rýchlosť, tempo
pray modliť sa
rejuvenate omladiť sa
rowing veslovanie
simulataneously súčasne
widespread rozšírený
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