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Nature has always provided us everything what we need for life. Man has needed wood to make a fire or to build a shelter, animals to eat. Later he has needed more and more, land to build a house, to plant plants etc. The evolution has been very fast. Now we advance very fast too. Today is already the past and tomorrow is the future.
The world´s population grows and people need and want more. They clear land to build more houses, use fertilizers to plant more plants, build factories to produce more goods. They use vehicles, build power stations to produce more energy. But it´s very dangerous, the industry and technologies have damaged and destroyed nature. Everything has resulted in changes. Our environment is changing.
Air, water and soil are polluted, our planet is warming more and more from year to year. There are lot of problems. We have used CFC´s in refrigeration, in airconditioning. CFC´s can destroy the ozon layer, which protects us from ultraviolet radition, which can cause skin cancer, eye damage etc. We use chemicals, which can get into clouds and make acid rain, which pollutes soil. This chemicals are from factories and from products we use too. Our cars produce exhaust fumes, which pollute air.
People should come to one´s sense and begin to protect the Earth and our environment. The danger is very high. The polar icecaps are melting, sea levels are rising, scientist predict that some seaside areas will disappear under the sea in the future. Earthquakes are more frequent, palnts and animals are in danger of extinction. We should do something with it , if we want to save our planet and our lives too.


1. What pollution can you see in the place where you live?
There are factories, which produce evaporations, they get into the air and pollute it. There is also lot of rubbish, which pollutes soil.
2. How can an individual help protect  the environment?
I think it can help. If everyone do it, it will be better. For example we can sort the rubbish, can use any fertilizers in our gardens. We can shopping by bargs, use public transport.
3. Which of these activities have been used by your family?
We planted some trees and plants in garden and in our balcony. I usually use the public transport. We save energy at home and buy environmenatlly friendly products.
4. What are the positives/negatives of zoos, game reserves and safari parks.
There are also positives and negatives. Positive is that these animals are protected from hunters. They can live longer. There are some people who take care of them. On the other hand these animals have only few of place for living.

Man and Nature
environment životné prostredie
ecology ekológia
pollution znečistenie
air/water/land vzduch/voda/pôda, zem
polluter znečisťovač
conservation/conservationist  zachovanie
harm/damage  škoda, poškodiť
destroy zničiť
pollute environment znečistiť životné prostredie
global warming  globálne otepľovanie
the greenhouse effect skleníkový efekt
holes in the ozone layer  ozónové diery
acid rain kyslé dažde
destruction of habitats znečistenie lokalít
rain forest dažďový prales
endangered species  ohrozené druhy
extinct  vyhynutie
aerosols  aerosoly
fumes výpary
smog smog
toxic waste toxický odpad
pesticides pesticídy
fertilizers  umelé hnojivá
waste  odpad
sewage splašky
trash odpadky
greenhouse gases  skleníkové plyny
energy  energia
electricity elektrina
fossil fuel fosílne palivá
coal uhlie
natural gas  zemný plyn
oil olej
hydroelectric  vodná elektráreň
dam  priehrada, hrádza
nuclear power jadrová energia
nuclear waste jadrový odpad
radiation radiácia
dump  smetisko
dispose usporiadať, zbaviť sa
discharge  výbuch, vyliať, výtok
contaminate  nakaziť
ecosystem ekosystém
balance rovnováha
environmental group  skupina na ochranu živ. prostredia
environmentally friendly  priateľský k životnému prostrediu
environmentalist conservation zachovanie živ. prostredia
protest  protest
recycle  recyklovať
bottle bank kontajner na fľaše, sklo
renewable energy sources  obnoviteľné zdroje energie
wind power  veterná energia
windmill veterný mlyn
wave power  vlnová (vodná) energia
solar power solárna energia
solar cells  solárne panely
unleaded petrol  bezolovnatý benzín
recyclable recyklovateľný
From book
affected  ovplyvnený
cope with sth  čeliť
culprit vinník
dependant  byť závislý na niečom, niekom
filthy  ufúľaný
humankind ľudstvo
particle častica
prevail  prevažovať, prevládať
shelter útočište, prístrešie
threat  hrozba
ban zákaz
crops úroda
detergent  čistiaci prostriedok
dispose zbaviť sa niečoho
effort  úsilie, námaha
endanger  ohrozovať
forbid zakázať
game reserve  prírodná rezervácia
leak presakovať, pretekať
peak  vrchol
raise  chovať
sewage splašky
solution  riešenie
track vypátrať
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