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Food is very important for everyone of us. It provides us nourishment, energy, vitamins and many anoher stuffs which are necessary to keep our body fit and healthy.

People all around the world are different and food is different too. Some people prefer spicy food, the other like sweet or salted food. It can be different in every country. The ingredients are different too. In some of cuisines people use by food preparing lot of spices, in another they use lot of garlic or onion. There are many factores which can influence the food. For example the climate, in southern countries there are lot of friut, in northern countries, where the climate isn´t suitable for cultivating, people net fishes. Food can be also connect with traditions, habits or with religion.

People also have different eating habits. Some of us prefer eating in the morning, others like to eat later. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, it provides us energy for work. People who get up early in the morning, because they start to work early, don´t like to eat early. Another people like to have rich breakfast. Lunch is important too. Some people eat lunch at work or at school. In Slovakia is lunch the main dish of the day. In Britain is dinner the main dish.

Eating habits are influenced by our lifestyle. People who spend lot of time at work, don´t have time to cook. They can buy tinned or frozen food, which is easy to prepare. Some people prefer homemade food, because they think that this food is better. Some people also prefer eating with all family. They can talk , entertain and eat together.


1. Give a short talk about your eating habits during the week.
During the week I go to school. I get up early and I eat early too. I think, that breakfast is very important. I use to have a yoghurt with some pastry. At school I eat some bicuits. When I go home I allways have a lunch. I use to eat soup and the second dish. I eat dinner about five o´clock. i use to have bread with butter and salami.

2. What is your opinion on keeping to a vegetarian or vegan diet?
I have listened, that this type of diet is healthy, but I can´t keep any diet. I like to eat all.

3. Compare a typical British meal with those typical in Slovakia.
Typical British meal is fish and chips. Typical Slovak meal is „halušky“ and it´s a kind o potato dough, which is cutted in smal pieces, these are cooked in water with pinch of salt. They can be served with cabbage or with Liptauer cheese.

4. What cuisine do you like the best and why?
I like the cuisine of my mother. She always cooks delicious meal.

5. Describe what possibilities you have for meals at school during day.
At school we have a buffet, where I can buy drinks, pastry with salami or some sweets. After school I can have lunch in the school canteen.

6. Name some traditional dishes typical for our country or your region.
It´s different in every region. In the western part of Slovakia it´s roast duck with „lokše“ (it´s a kind of potoato dough which is baked and cutted into big pieces), in the middle of Slovakia it´s typical the cabbage soup.

7. Give the instructions on how to make potato pancakes. If you don´t know, choose any typical Slovak dish you know how to make.
I can´t cook, the only dish I can make is spaghetti. You take a pot, fill it with water, give a pinch of salt into and start cooking. When the water is warm enough, you take pasta and give it in to the pot. After 10 minutes it´s prepared.

8. Which typical Slovak alcohol would you bring as a present when visiting someone and why?
The typical Slovak drink is made of blueberries and it is very strong, because it´s made of strong alcohol. I would bring this drink to someone who lives abroad and don´t know this it.

9. What is the most important thing if you are going to have a picnic?
The most important thing is to find the right place for picnic. somewhere in the nature, where aren´t so many people. To make a picnic you need some basket with food and drinks and of course a cover, where you can sit down.

10. Describe a typical Slovak cake or wedding cake.
I think it´s difficult to say what cake is typical for Slovakia because it is different in every region. The most popular are cakes made by swelled dough filled with some fruit or jam.

11. Describe a typical Slovak lunch.
Typical Slovak lunch is usually served at 12 o´clock(at weekend) and during the week it´s different. It´s usually when you come home from work or school. typical lunch consist of two dishes. The first is a soup. There are lot kinds of soups but I think the typical Slovak is chicken soup or cabbage soup. The second dish is some meat,chicken, pork with rice or potatoes.

food/foodstuff/dish/meal/course jedlo
make a meal/prepare pripraviť jedlo
cook meal uvariť jedlo
be hungry byť hladný
be thirsty byť smädný
feel like eating sth mať na niečo chuť
starter/appetizer predjedlo
clear soup čistá polievka
cream soup
chicken/vegetable/mushroom/fish soup kuracia/zeleninová/hríbová/rybacia polievka
main dish hlavné jedlo
beaf steak biftek
pork fillet bravčová fileta
fish fingers rybie prsty
roast chicken/roast turkey pečené kura/morka
boiled potatoes/roast potatoes zemiaková kaša/pečené zemiaky
rice ryža
dumplings knedle
vegetable salad zeleninový šalát
green salad zelený šalát
cabbage and onion salad kapustovo- cibuľový šalát
dessert dezert
apple pie jablkový koláč
chocolate cake čokoládový koláč
pancakes palacinky
ice cream zmrzlina
drink nápoj
soda/mineral water sóda, minerálka
lemonade malinovka
coke kola
beer pivo
coffee káva
ice tea ľadový čaj

From book
aubergine baklažán
barrel sud
catfish sumec
convenience food zmrazená, konzervovaná potrava
distinguished vynikajúci
eel úhor
frisbee lietajúci tanier
gruel ovsená kaša
hives koprivka
juniper borievka
mature vyzrieť
overcome premôcť, zdolať
pickles nakladané uhorky
release uvoľnenie
shrimp krevete, garnát
snail slimák
tier vrstva
well-being blahobyt
balance rovnováha
brew variť(pivo)
clam chowder hustá zeleninová/smotanová polievka
s mušľami
dumplings halušky
favour, in favour of v prospech
genuine pravý
gravy omáčka, šťava z mäsa
hearty poriadny
icing cukrová poleva
liquid tekutina
nourish vyživovať
oak dub
recall spomenúť si
severe ostrý, náročný
skip vynechať
sneeze kýchať
top sth up doliať, doplniť
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