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Medicine is a word for a discipline of science, which is busy with illnesses, their healing and prevention of them.
Health is the most important thing for every man. Life without ilnesses is prettier and easier. You have less of troubles, you can enjoy the life.
When you fall ill , you should find a person, who can give you advice and can help you with healing. This person is called a doctor. Every person is registered with a local doctor, who is called general practitioner too. Our doctor has wrote information about our health. When we want to see the GP, at first we should make an appointment. Then we get a term.
We should tell the GP of our troubles. Then he examinates us. By current illnesses like influenza or cold he can prescribe us a medicine. When we need to see a specialist, we have to go to the GP and he will make an appointment by specialsit.
Prevention of illensses is very important too. We should see our GP regulary once a year by preventive check-ups. We can also do prventive care at home. We can eat vitamines, lot of fruit and vegetable, we can do regular exercises to keep our body fit and healthy.
In cases where people have been injued or somebody is unconscious, it is important to call an ambulance. This people will go to hospital where they receive professional help from doctors and nurses using the newest technology in medicine.
Healthy lifestyle is more popular in recent years. People are more interested in their health. They care about the food. Many people have reduced the amount of salt, fat and sugar. They want to lose weight or lower their cholesterol and reduce their risk of getting heart disease. Regular exercise, plenty of rest, enough sleep, good eating habits , no smoking and alcohol, prevention and personal responsibility for our health can help us to stay sound and we can enjoy the life without troubles.  

1. How often do you go to the doctor and what illnesses do you usually suffer from?
I usually go to the doctor when I am ill. It is one or two times or year. I visit the specialist too, every six months I go to the kardiologist, because I have prolems with blood presssure.
2. How often do you stay at home because of illness?
I think it is not very often. Only one or two times a year, when I have high temperature, headache, sore throat or cold. It is usually in autumn and winter, when the weather is cold and everybody around me is ill. I have to visit my GP, I stay in bed, after one week  I go to the GP again. For my last illness I stayed 5 days at home.
3. What kind of medicine helps you most?
I think it is different. Sometimes is enough to drink some herbal tea and sometimes helps me the medicine from my GP. Some pills and nose drops.
4. How do you take care of your health?
I eat lot of fruit and vegatable. I eat vitamin pills too. I do regular exercises . When I am ill I allways stay in bed.
5. What kind of patient are you when you are ill?
I think I am a good patient. I usually do what my GP say. I stay in bed. I take pills and drink herbal teas. I have enough sleep and after few of days I am sound and fit again.
6. Describe a person you know well. Describe their head and face.
My mother has dark brown hair with blond stripes. Her face is round. She has small light brown eyes with long eyelashes. She has small round nose with small birth mark on the edge. Her mounth is thin and light red.
7. Why is mportant for us to know our blood type?
I tis very important for us. When we will be injured we will be taked to the hospitals. The doctor can give us the blood transfusion. It is easier when we know our blood type. We can spare time to our doctors.
8. Have you ever taken up any sport for your health?
No I haven´t. But I dance belly dance and this kind of dance is very healthy. Especially for inside organs. It helps me to improve my body holding too.
9. When some people are ill, they never go to te doctor, but rather try to help themselves. What things can we do to make ourselves better when we are ill?
 We can drink herbal teas, lot of fruit and vegetable. We can also take some vitamin pills or we can try the homeopathy.
10. Many older people gather herbs and make different teas. Have you ever tried that type of tea?
Yes, I have. When I am ill I allways drink herbal teas. I have drunk the mint tea and the tea of limetree. They helped me and I was sound very soon.
11. Do you agree that modern medicine should use ancient techniques of healing?
Yes, I do. Our ancestors have devised lot of effective remedies, which can help us until now.
12. Many people use colour, aroma therapy or massages to keep well. What do you think about those methods?
I think they can be effective, because they have a big influnce on our mind. They can help us to stay calm, we can lose our troubles.
13. What do you do if you do not feel very well?
When I feel sick and tired I allways go to the bed. I try to sleep and relax. When it don´t help I go to the GP.
14. Why do you think communication between doctor and his patient is important?
It is because if patient tell the doctor about his troubles, the doctor can find out the type of illness sooner.
15. Do you like the idea that your doctor would share some information about you with your parents?
I think it is not good idea. Information about my health are secret. The doctor should keep them for himselves. If I want ,I tell it to my parents alone.
16. Are you satisfied with your doctor?
Yes, I am. He can allways help me. He prescribes me good medicine and I am satisfied.
17. Would you change doctors if you were not satisfied with him/her?
Yes, I would. There are lot of another doctors and they can helps me better. If  I am not saisfied with my doctor I tell him, that I want my records back. Then I can take them to another doctor.

Health Care
doctor/physician doktor
GP/general practitioner  všeobecný lekár
specialist špecialista
surgeon chirurg
psychiatrist psychiater
dentist  zubár
pediatrician  pediater(detský lekár)
analyst  analytik
dermatologist kožný lekár
ear and throat specialist ušný a krčný lekár
nurse/male nurse sestra/zdravotník
convencional/traditional tradičná medicína
alternative  alternatívna medicína
western/classical klasická medicína
homeopathy homeopatia
accupuncture  akupunktúra
holistic approach  celkový prístup
treatment  liečba
cure  kúra
healing  hojenie
medical care lekárska starostlivosť
preventive care preventívna starostlivosť
diseases  choroby
infectious/epidemic  nákazlivý
illnesses  choroby
aches  bolesti
backache  bolesť chrbta
toothache bolesť zubov
headache  bolesť hlavy
ill  chorý
be sick  na vracanie
feel sick  cítiť sa zle
the sick chorý
curable disease nevyliečiteľná choroba
mortal disease  smrteľná choroba
disorder  porucha
disability  postihnutie
fatal  smrteľný
mentally ill/mental disease mentálna choroba
insane šialený
mad/crazy bláznivý
to feel ill cítiť sa chorý
to feel poorly  cítiť sa biedne
to be washed out  byť vyšťavený
to be indisposed indisponovaný
to fall ill  ochorieť
suffer from an illness trpieť chorobou
to have a cold mať nádchu
to have a running nose/runny nose mať nádchu
to have a sore throat mať zapálené hrdlo
sneeze kýchať
cough kašeľ/kašľať
influenza  chrípka
tonsilitis  angína
polio detská obrna
mumps  mumps
measles osýpky
swollen glands zdurené uzliny
infant disease detské choroby
hay fever  senná nádcha
indigestion pokazený žalúdok
lack of appetite  nechutenstvo
diarrhoea  hnačka
jaundice  žltačka
appendicitis  zápal slepého čreva
diabetes  cukrovka
ache/hurt/pain bolesť
itch svrbieť
vomit  vracať
examine the patient  prehliadnuť pacienta
take the temperature  odmerať teplotu
check the blood pressure  odmerať krvný tlak
examine the chest and throat prehliadnuť hruď a hrdlo
feel the pulse  odmerať pulz
X-ray  röntgen
diagnose diagnóza
administer by injection pichnúť injekciu
vaccinate  očkovanie
prescribe a medicine predpísať lieky
pill/tablet  tabletka
sleeping-pill  tabletka na spanie
pain killer liek proti bolesti
healing ointment  liečivý gél
medicinal hrebs  liečivé bylinky
remedy liečivý prostriedok
quinine   chinín
emergency  pohotovosť
first aid prvá pomoc
bandage  obväz
cotton wool  vata
sticking plaster náplasť ,leukoplast
adhesive tape lepiaca páska
antiseptic protizápalový
to faint omdlieť
to be unconscious byť v bezvedomí
fracture zlomenina
split bone  rozštiepená kosť
crutches  barly
splints dlahy
sling  slučka
minor injuries menšie poranenia
blister otlak
burn  zapálenie/popálenina
snake-bite uhryznutie hadom
dislocation  porucha, dislokácia
bruise  pomliaždenina
dental care  zubná starostlivosť
sound tooth  zdravý zub
hollow tooth vypadnutý zub
abscessed tooth  opuchnutý zub s fistolou
to drill  vŕtať
to fill a tooth  plombovať zub
jacket crown korunka
false teeth pokazený zub
rootcanal  zubný kanálik
filling  vyplnenie
cavity kaz
hearing impaired  poškodenie sluchu
sight impaired  poškodenie zraku
physically challenged telesne postihnutý
deaf  hluchý
mute nemý
paralyzed  paralyzovaný
blind slepý

From book
beware of dávať si pozor na
elimination vylúčenie
float  vznášať sa, plávať
incredible neuveriteľný
limb  končatina
permit dovoliť, povoliť
refute  vyvrátiť, dokázať nesprávnosť
skip vynechať
tissue  tkanivo
trunk trup
condiment  korenie
finger food jedlo na hryzkanie
history  anamnéza
insert  zaviesť, vpichnúť
pale bledý
process spracovať
release  uvoľniť
suspicion  podozrenie
treat  liečiť, zaobchádzať
trust dôvera
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