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Most children have only vague ideas of what they want to be. At first they admire so called „hero“ professions such as pilots, astronauts, fireman or policeman. Girls want to be actresses, models, singers or ballet dancers. But as they get older their criteria for choosing their profession become more and more realistic, because they have to coordinate their own interests, hopes and desires. Some children look up to their parents and want to follow in their footsteps. Their choice influence parents, teachers, nursery, middle and primary school, respectively whole surroundings.

Teenagers between the age of sixteen and eighteen are usually expected to make their choice whether to continue their education or enter the world of work. The people who want to earn some money and work after middle school have usually a lot of problems finding a suitable job. They find out their hasty decision and enrol in courses or trainings to get better qualification.
Young people with higher or university education have better chance of finding a job because they have more experiences. But a lot of companies and firms offer a wide range of on-the-job-training.

There are many resources to help those who want to find a job. Advertisements in national and local newspapers are one of them. There are quite a lot of local or regional institutions such as job centres or employment officies which can be helpful mostly in organizing re-qualification trainings. After collecting and evaluating information about a would-be job one has to write an application. An inevitable part of the application form is curriculum vitae which should contain personal details, education, proffesional experience, additional skills and hobbies. The aim of the application is to get an interview. The interview is the most important stage in the procedure of getting a job. We should wear smart clothes. Before the interview you should find informations about company. It can be interest for the interviewer. We should speak up and express clearly. We should keep eyecontact. When we go to interview, we should turn up a couple minutes earlier. We should not talk about details our life. These applicants who are lucky or rather good enough and get the job become employees of a company, firm or other institution. The employee and employer sign a work contract which clearly states for example the job description, working time, salary,... The job may include several fringe benefits, extra advantages such as company car, perks,..

Employees can be sacked because there is not enough work temporarily or because a company downsizes and reduces staff. If you are out of job you can be on the dole. If you are not satisfied with work you can give up job. When you are ill, you are on sick leave(PN) or if you are going to have child, you can go on the maternity leave. When you are not able to work you can be on early retirement or when you get old you take retirement.
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