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People who live in society have to follow/obbey rules and laws.
1. not so serious: stealing, shoplifting (kradnúť v obchode)
2. very serious: murder – úmyselná vražda
  kidnapp – únos ľudí
  roberry/burglary – vlámania
  hijack – únos lietadla
  mugging – prepadnutie na ulici
  manslaughter – neúmyselná vražda
commit a crime – spáchať zločin
trial – súd
witness – svedok
punished – potrestaný
3 classes in society: 1. upper
2. middle
3. lower (working)
British society is considered to be divided into three main groups.
Upper class people own several homes, studied at Eton or other public schools, work as judges, company directors, eat caviar, smoked salmon and drink champagne, spend their free time going to opera or ballet, play polo, spend their holidays in Orient countries.
Middle class people own semi-detached or detached houses, have grammar school and university education(Oxford,Cambridge), work as teachers, bank managers, doctors, have hobbies like skiing, tennis, sailing, cricket or golf, eat health food (wholemeal bread, avocado, pasta), and spend their holidays in France or Tuscany.
The working class finish comprehensive schools and technical colleges, work as shop assistants, miners or factory workers, live in council houses, eat fish and chips, chinese and indian food, play football, darts or bingo, pake package holidays, spend their free time watching soap operas or drinking in pubs.

Slovak society
We can recognize others where they belong to by the way they speak, their clothes, their interests and even the type of food they eat.
Upper class own big houses, good cars. They work as judges, lawers, company directors, managers, celebrities and politics, some doctors. They usually eat in expensive restaurants. They spend their free time going to galleries, theatres. They play golf, tennis. They buy only branded clothes, so they are well-dressed. They spend holiday in far-away countries (India, Australia, Caribian,..) 3-4 times a year
Middle class work as secretaries, officers, doctors, teachers, bussiness man. They spend holiday in the countries such as Italy, Spain, Croatia once a year. They go to mountains, swimming pool, play football.
The working class work as shop assistants, miners or factory workers. They spend their free time watching soap operas or drinking in pubs.
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