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1238 – The ruler Belo IV granted Trnava the privileges of a free royal town and Trnava became the first royal town on the territory of Slovakia.
Another important year is 1635 when Trnava´s Univerzity began its activities. It was founded by Peter Pazmany. For over 140 years this Univerzity influence the spread of education. It had 4 faculties – Theology, Phylosophy, Law, Medicine. It also had botanical garden, library, pharmacy and astronomical observatory. In 1777 this University was transfered to Buda and stayed there for 215 years. In 1992 it came back.

Historical places:
Town Tower – it is renaissance building and at the top there is a baroque cupola.
The statue of Holy Trinity at the Trinity square and on the column there is a sculpture showing Virgin Mary being crowned by the Holy Trinity.
The Theatre – build in 1941 – it was the first theatre in Slovakia.
Town hall – orriginally it was a medieval building but now it is a complex of three separate buildings.
Trnava is the town of many churches mostly catholics:
St. James – františkánsky
St. Nicolaus – Mikulášsky (hrubý)
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – Univerzitný kostol – It is national architectural monument.

How can people spend their free time in Trnava?
People, who know Trnava well, know where they can go to spend their free time, because there is many places with culture, sport, entertain, relax and nature.
People who like culture can go to theatre, cinema, concerts of classical or pop music. There are a lot of cinemas, e. g. in Max there are three modern cinemas. And there are a lot of concerts on the Trinity square in summer, autumn and spring. I sometimes go to this concerts and also I go to theatre, when there is a good film. But I do not like going to theatre. I was there only with my schoolmates.

People who like sport can go to several new sport facilities. E. g. Sport Centre Pohoda, there is squash, Tennis courts and fitness. In Max there is also fitness centrum with aerobic. We can play tennis on Slávia, too. There is also bowling centre on Družba. And there are several playgrounds and ice rink. I like sport very much, but these centres are expensive, so I go only on aerobic. And I bike. Sometimes I go to bowling centre but I do not to play bowling but air hockey.

When people can entertain they go to disco in Slávia, Alcatraz, Baila, Argentína. They can go to sit to pubs, restaurants, cafés. I like entertainment but I do not like discos, because there is a lot of alcohol. So I go to pubs only to talk about or play.

People who can relax in nature can go to Kamenný mlyn to the walk. They can sit in Bernolákov Sad, Staničný park, Ružový park,...
I go to Kamenný mlyn with bicycle and there I relax on the grass when sun shine.

What are the interesting places for tourists in the surrounding of Trnava?
Castles – Smolenice, Červený kameň, Dobrá Voda, Budmerice
Spa – Piešťany (glass bridge)
Cave – Driny
Dams – Suchá, Buková, Boleráz
Tourists paths in Smolenice, Dobrá Voda....
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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