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1. What are the most important places for you?
Birthplace- I spent there my childhood also teenager years. Therefore I have many memories connected with it.
It is a place where I live, study, have friends, parents.
Many people when they grow up want to live on their own. They move, because they get married and have their own families or for work. The place they choose depend on money, work. Some people choose a place that is quiet, far from busy cities. On the other side, there are lots of people who choose a town. They cannot imagine living far from civilisation. There are educational, cultural and sports facilities. Some people move abroad. Some people move next door.

The word ´home´ has different meanings for different people. To a child ´home´ means parents, toys and bedtime stories, to a teenager ´home´ means strict rules, arguments about school results, clothes and pocket money, to a working women it means hard work, tiring household chores and to a man it can mean tasty meals and relaxation.

For me ´home´ means safety, comfort, my room, my parents and also tasty meals of my mother.

2. Why do millions of people set of their holiday destination and spend several days out off their homes?

People set of for their holidays when they need rest of work, they need to relax and also they need to know places and cultures.
The most popular destination are Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Spain.
People travel to this countries because of the sea, weather, pleasant, atmosphere, cuisine.

How do people travel to these destination? (travelling)
What is package tour?
Advantages – you do not need to care about anything because everything you paid (accomodation, food, insurance, travel quied)
Disadvantages – you have to follow the time table of the group

3. Have you ever been abroad? Yes, only once.
Which countries have you visited so far? I visited Italy 2 years ago.
Which countries would you like to vist?Why?
I am going to Greece this summer. It will be package tour with travel agency. Greece is beautiful for clear water, culture, cuisine and noisy life of people.
I would like to visit Egypt and Tunisko.
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