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Art is a creation of something that is “aesthetically pleasing”, something that people like and admire. Unfortunately, not everybody was born with the ability to create art or to perform it. Those who have talent can become famous and rich.

Literature is a part of art which includes novels, short stories, biographies, drama and poetry.  Writers and novelists have a gift to put their ideas on paper and brilliantly create a story. When a book is well-written, it is a joy to read and hard to put down.

Many books have been created into films. To make a film is an art as well. Producers and directors are in some way artists too, because it’s not easy to make something that is enjoyable to watch. We cannot forget to mention the actors and actresses who represent the performing arts. They are acting (performing) on a stage or in a film. We can go to see them in a theatre, cinema or at home by watching them on TV.

Performing art includes not only actors and actresses, but also singers and dancers. Singers can perform opera, folk, jazz, rock, pop, country and western music. Young people who are fans of pop and rock prefer open-air concerts. Those interested in opera, classical music, orchestral music, choirs and philharmonic or chamber music often visit theatres or concert halls.  An orchestra consists of many musicians like; pianists, violinists, cellists, flutists, percussionists, guitarists etc. who are conducted by a conductor standing in front of them. Soloists play a musical instrument alone in front of the audience.

Dance as another part of art which has various forms such as folk, classical, modern dance, dance on the ice and ballet. Figure-skaters don’t only skate, jump or do pirouettes but also perform dance on ice either alone or in a pair.
Fine art is represented by painters and sculptors. Painters paint different types of paintings from portraits, through to landscapes and abstract. Sculptors make statues and they show their work in art galleries or have private exhibitions.

We also include architecture, ceramists (potters) and photographers within the arts. Culture and art are very much related to each other.

Cultural life in my town
In big cities cultural life is usually rich, there are many ways how to spend leisure time. You can go to the cinema, theatre, for a dancing or you can stay at home and watch TV, read books or listen to the radio.
There are 3 cinemas in our town, which offer filmshows every single day. In one of the cinemas they shows special films for children on Sunday afternoons. Repertory of the cinema is not specialized and you can watch comedies, psychological dramas, thrillers, romantic films or science fiction.
You can find theatre only in bigger cities. Theatre has special atmosphere, people usually come dressed up. During the interval you can walk in the foyer, where you can buy some refreshments and you can talk about performance.
There are usually concerts of classical music, choir performances in the theatre or sometimes in the church.

And pop music concerts are held in sporting hall or in house of culture.
When you do not feel like going out you can stay at home and watch TV, read books.

Culture and me
I like films, because they are interesting and instructive. I like romantic films with humour and catastrofic films. I like older fairy-tales, e. g. Tom and Jerry, Chip and Dale etc.,because it is funny.
I like serial Friends at all, because it is full of humour, love and friendship. My favourite actress is Reese Witherspoon. She played e.g. in Legally Blonde. She know to play every filmfigure.
I like quizshows such as Riskuj, Páli vám to,..,because I play with them.
My television is switched on always, when I am at home. I learn to the school and TV is switched on. I fall sleep by TV. But I watch TV a little bit. I watch only quizshows, serials full of humour and Television news.

Cultural life of Trnava
Trnava spring music festival – Trnava autumn music festival
Every year concert cycles of classical music open and close the music season.

Regularly at the end of April and at the beginning of May artist from Slovakia and foreign countries come to Trnava. It is festival of gospel music.

International singer´s competition of Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský
It is held every two years. There young talented artists of vocal opera arts from all continents compete. One of the personalities who started their artistic career here is Peter Dvorský.

Dobrofest – Trnava
It is held every year at the beginning of June. It is festival of country, jazz, blues, folk and world music.

Trnava cultural summer
Almost all types of arts are offered – theatre, music, film, and literature.

Trnava organ days
There plays tones of historical organ in St. Mikuláš Temple at the end of August and till the end of September.

Christmas at Trnava
Every year Santa Claus open shopping markets and light up a big Christmas tree. There is everything, even living fish, hot mead, fold craftsmen´s products and also lovely little Christmas presents. There are also fireworks at New Year´s Night. The Trnava citizens greet New Year with the tones of the New Year´s concert.

Traditional Trnava fair
It is held annually at the end of the second September week. Fun fair offers folk craftsmen´s products, shows traditional crafts and provides meetings where  good young wine, regional specialities and varied cultural program are offered. Children can have a fun by lots of merry-go-rounds and other attractions.
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