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Film was founded in the end of 19th century. This film was still dumb. On the first entry is the train coming to the railway station. The talking film was discovered about 1920 - 1930, I don't know it exactly. In the beginning were very popular short grotesque. In this time were very popular comedians - Buster Keaton, he was know like Frigo, Charlie Chaplin, and a couple of comedians Laurel and Hardy. In USA became the famous place where are shooted films Hollywood. This place is near by Los Angeles.

So how come into being a film. So you must have at first some novel or story, about have the film be. Then the scrip-writer write according the novel a script. Then the producer employ actors and actress, cameramen, hairdressers, cosmetics, arrangers many other people of many professions and of course one of the most important people to do with film is director. He direct all film. Sometimes there is several directors, but the others are usually helping directors. SO the film is shooted according to the script. The film is divided in to many scenes, which are shooted separately, sometimes many times, until the scene is perfect. When are all scenes shooted the film isn't just completed, because now must the film be cutting by the editors. Then must be record the music, the dialogs. Then is the film only finished.
There are many types of films. For example the film with disasters, large fires, plane crashes is the disaster movie, we know for example The Glass Hell. Film, in which is excitement generated from action sequences is called action film, this is for example...

Other type is love story, in which are love and romantics the key elements, his apply to The Dirty Dancing, my favourite film, because there are three things I love - love, dancing, and a handsome main male-character - Patrick Swazey. Film which sets out to make the audience laugh is comedy, I like comedies, comedy is for example Sister Act, the both parts. My most favourite film kind are sci-fi films, this kind of films is setting in the future, and often there are something to do with space travel, robots, being from others planets. Now I can remember only to series of Alien, but I don't like this, because there is to much of violence. Very similar kind of film is the fantasy film, this type I like too. In fantasy films the characters and the situations could not exist in real life. Often deals with magic and mystery, fantastic voyages and so on. This kind of films representate... Many young people love the horror films, but I hated horrors, there is usually to much violence. Horror is very dramatic film where tension and suspense is deliberately maintained and is a central feature of the plot.

One of the horrors is for example... Type of film I like is musical. Musical is film where the emphasis is on music. I saw much very good musicals - Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Super Star and many others. I love the songs from musicals, because this songs are very beautiful. My father likes the war films, this films to do with aspects of war. This is for example... Also very popular type of film is western, this films are about American wild west, the characters are usually cowboys, Indians and there are many gunfights. Very popular are dramas, drama is very dramatic film where is the focus on human relationships rather than actions. The thriller is the film where the main aim is to terrify the audience. There are also some kinds of films for children - the cartoon, which is also called the animated film. This film is made by photographing drawings rather then ising live actors, nowadays help with it computer. There are also fairy tales. For older children is determinate the juvenile film - this film aimed children and young people.

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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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