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Our Earth is very fragile (= křehká) so we have to be friendly to it. Man thought that the basic components, which we need for our existence are granted (jsou samozřemé), but now we know, that there is real danger that we will loose clear water, air and soil. We has polluted everything that might be polluted and now, when we try to  clear  it again, it could be too late becasue we have polluted practically the whole planet.

We have problems with pollutions of seas, oceans, pollution of air, changes in the atmosphere´s ozone layer (= vrstva) and concentration of carbon dioxide.

People release (= vypouštějí) to the air pollution from smokestacks (= komínů), chemical factories and from means of transports  like cars, buses etc. To the water man realises pollution for example from factories on starch (= škrob) or from factories on paper, or when some people want to clean their cars they ride to the river and clean it there and they don´t mind that they can pollute water and kill life in the river. Other big problem is that people pollute Earth with waste (= odpad) and we may expect that , if we don´t find some way of getting rid of the waste, during few decades we won´t move because everywhere will be only waste. Now we try to re – used some materials like paper, metal, plastic and glass but it isn´t enough when few people do it because everybody must do so.

There is another big problem that rises (= pramení) from our using of freons. Now freons are prohobited but the problem is still here. It is called hole in atmosphere´s ozone layer (= díra v ozonové vrstvě). The ozone layer stops some of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation causes a suntan. Too ultraviolet radiation causes sunburn and skin cancer. CFC in atmosphere have caused these hole. Scientist first discovered the hole in 1982 and it is getting bigger.

Other problem is the greenhouse effect. When Sun shine on Earth, some of the heat warms the atmosphere and some some of the heat escape back into space. During the last 100 years we have produced a huge amount of carbon dioxide which works in the atmosphere in the same way like glass in a greenhouse. It allows heat to get in but it doesn´t allow much heat to get out. So the atmosphere becomes warmer because less heat can escape. The carbon dioxide comes from our breathing, burning coil, oil, petrol, gass or wood. Some scientists think, that the greenhouse effect will make the world hotter. Areas near the coast will be cloudier and wetter. There will be more storms. Inland areas will have a little more rain, but because the temperature will be higher, they will be drier. Sea levell will rise. But some scientists think that if there as more clouds they would reflect sunlight back into space.

Other problem is acid rain.  Acid – rain is formed when sulphurous fumes (= sírový opar), created by our industrial complexes, reach the air and combine with water to make sulphuric acid (= kyselina sírová) in the clouds. These dangerous clouds are then blown by the winds and later fall as a rain. Then the acid rain comes into contact with trees, soil,water, animals etc. and it is very bad.

People really should reduce pollution and try to protect natural resources if it is possible. We must restore the quality of our environment and we must keep our planet habitable for us and for generations that will come in the future.
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