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Prehľad zadaní PFIČ (Písomná forma internej maturity) z angličtiny po obsahovej stránke

Nižšia úroveň

Imagine a friend told you about a job as a computer programmer with Blore Computers at 1463 Kenneth Lane, Wrexham. You decided to write a letter (120 words) to apply for the job. Include all these things into your letter: give your reason for writing, write about your education, ask for an application form. Write a formal letter to the company. Be careful about the layout.
(job application, formal letter)

Read the advertisement in a local youth magazine and apply for the job: THE UCL SUMMER CAMP. We are looking for a young, energetic and experienced student to teach basic English. Must be a good organiser and keen on sports. Please apply to Mr Brown, giving details of education, previous experience and saying why you think you are suitable for the job. Mr Brown, UCL, 17, High Street, 1162 CQ 62 Saltburry, GB (120–150 words).
(job application)


My first day at school. A school magazine is organizing a short story competition for the best story about the first day at your school. Write your story (150−180 words). Think of:
• setting the scene
• developing the story
• comments or your feelings.
(story, narrative)


Write a story (160–180 words) for a school magazine about something that happened to you. Don’t forget to mention:
• the setting of the scene
• the plot
• your feelings or comments

You have to start like this: Most of us have heard some unusual stories, like ghost stories. One day, when I ...
(story, narrative)

Náhradný termín
You want to enter a story competition. Write your story (160–180 words), including the setting of the scene, the plot and the feelings or comments. The rules say that the story must begin like this: Finally the great day arrived ...
(story, narrative)

You and some of your friends at school would like to start a school magazine, but you do not have the money to do so. Write a letter (160–180 words) to the Open Society Foundation asking for financial support. Include the following: a short description of your school, why you want to start a school magazine in English and what would be in the magazine. Addresses and the date are not needed.
(formal letter)

Náhradný termín
Your school would like to participate in an international project. Write a formal letter (180–200 words) presenting your school to the European Project Institute. Write about three of the following things: the type of school you attend, the location of your school, school facilities, after-school activities or student projects. You must also include why you think your school is special and should participate in this project. You don‛t need to write addresses or date.
(formal letter)

Write to your friend abroad telling him/her what you most like and dislike about being a student at your school in Slovakia. Name two things you like and two things you dislike and give your reasons. Write 160–180 words. Start like this: Thank you very much for your last letter. It was really interesting to read about your school. Now let me tell you something about ours.
(informal letter)

Write a letter to your friend abroad telling him/her what you most like and dislike about being a student. Name two things you like and two things you dislike and give reasons. Start your letter like this: Dear ...,Thank you very much for your last letter. It was really interesting to read about your life as a student. Now let me tell you something about mine.
(informal letter)


úroveň B
Next month your penfriend is arriving in Slovakia. Write a letter to him/her about:
• the lessons you want him/her to attend,
• the activities you will do together at school,
• the activities you would like to organise for him/her in the evening.
(informal letter)

úroveň C
Write about an interesting day in your life. Write about:
• when it was
• what happened
• what made it interesting.
(story, narrative)

Write an informal letter to your English penfriend in which you describe a place in Slovakia that you like. Include the following points:
• a description of the place,
• two reasons why you like it.
(informal letter)

Write a letter (160–180 words) to a British friend describing the birthday party you are going to organise for your sister. Include the following points:
• the time and place,
• the people invited,
• the meals and drinks provided,
• the programme prepared,
• your surprise for her.
(informal letter)

Write a letter (160–180 words) to a British friend describing teenagers’ lives in Slovakia. Include the following points:
• young people and education,
• free time activities,
• fashion,
• lifestyle,
• relationships.
(informal letter)


Téma: An Ideal School
Write an essay (200–220 words) about an ideal secondary school for you. Justify your opinions about:

• the setting you would study in
• relationships between teachers and students
• the subjects you would study
• testing
• extra-curricular activities.


Téma: My Favourite Book
Write a description of a book you like very much (160–180 words). Include:

• the title and the writer;
• the reasons for your choice;
• a short description of the plot;
• the characters you admire in the book;
• why you would recommend it to your best friend.


Téma: Moving to Slovakia

Your English friend wants to move to the town/village, where you live, and asks you for some information. Answer his/her questions, writing a letter (160–180 words) with the following points:
  • Describe the typical types of housing in your town/village.
  • Propose one type of housing and explain your idea.
  • Explain to him/her the advantages of living in your town/village.
  • Explain to him/her the disadvantages of living in your town/village.
  • Offer him/her your assistance while looking for a place where to stay.

Vyššia úroveň

English and computer studies are more important subjects than science or humanities. Write an essay (180–220 words) in answer to the above-mentioned statement. Give arguments for or against the statement.

Give reasons / examples to support your viewpoint. Think of:
• your favourite subjects,
• skills needed for studying any of the given subjects,
• benefits of studying of these subjects,
• career prospects.

Cinema will soon be a thing of the past. The editor of the school magazine has asked you to write an essay (180−220 words), saying whether you prefer going to the cinema or watching videos at home. Fully explain three reasons for your preference.

Write an article (200–220 words) to the school magazine about the advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms. Include at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages.

Náhradný termín
The editor of your school magazine has asked you to write an essay (200–220 words) suggesting ways for students to keep fit and stay healthy. Give three clear recommendations with reasons.

Some people think that single-sex schools are better than coed schools. Others believe the opposite. Write an essay (180–200 words) on which educational style you think is better and why. Support your opinion by giving three arguments.

Náhradný termín
Television has become a favourite free-time activity for many people. Write an essay (220–250 words) giving your opinion on the role of television in people‛s lives. Include 3 positive and 3 negative influences on people.

Do you agree with the statement that “Money is the key to happiness”? Express your opinion and give arguments both for and against the statement. Write 200 to 220 words.


Write a composition on the following topic: I could not imagine living without my... Think of a thing or a person very important to you and explain why it is so.

Write an essay entitled ‘The pros and cons of traditional and modern forms of the arts’. Within the topic consider:

• the differences between film and theatre,
• the differences between public and home entertainment,
• the modern technology in the arts.
Mention at least 2 points in each.

Write an opinion essay about the following topic: Was Life in the Past Better or Worse than Today? Choose one side of the argument and support it giving two distinct reasons. Do not forget to include a paragraph in which you express the opposing viewpoint.

Write an article (200–220 words) for an English language school magazine about a birthday party you attended last weekend. Within the topic consider:

• the reasons for attending the party,
• the location and decorations,
• the meals and drinks provided,
• the people you met there,
• the atmosphere at the party.


Write an opinion essay (200-220 words) entitled ‘The Life of a Teenager’. Within the topic consider:

• the benefits/drawbacks of being a teenager,
• spare time activities,
• relationships with parents,
• relationships with peers,
• attitudes towards life in general.


Téma: My School
Write a letter (160–180 words) to your English penfriend about the school you attend. After introducing it, include:
• two things you like about attending it
• two things you would like to change and how.


Téma:  Can a Book Still Be Your Best Friend?
Write an essay (200–220 words) entitled Can a Book Still Be Your Best Friend?

• Within the topic mention and describe 5 different issues that support your opinion by giving distinct reasons or demonstrating them by yo ur personal experience.
• Do not forget to include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion.


Téma: My Dream Residence
Within a competition, the journal Nice Living will publish the most interesting article (200–220 words) entitled My Dream Residence, which will include justifications of your ideas and opinions using the following points:
  • Where you would like to live.
  • What kind of residence you would choose and why.
  • What criteria the design of the flat or house should meet.
  • What interior furnishing you imagine.
  • What you would do to make your dream come true.
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