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Social etiquette
Every country has social etiquette and rules that people living there follow. In Slovakia when we meet someone for the first time it is usual to say our names and shake hands. It is very common that people who know each other very well and are friends kiss each other on the cheeks. Our greatings and behaviour towards people depend on how wll we know them. Manners and customs are an important part of our lives. There are different words depending on whether you are talking to an older, younger or similarly aged person.  When we know each other very well it is normal to say : Hi, Hello. How are you? When you meet someone you don´t know very well it is better to say „Good morning or good afternoon“. In Slovakia people who do not know each other very well address each other in a formal way – they call each other Mr.. or Ms... and use formal „vy“. People can know each other for many years, living next door, but they call each other in a formal way all the time. The same can happen at work. When we speak to someone we know very well and we are fiends we address him/her informally „ty“.

In Slovakia it is typical to celebrate birthdays and namedays. The members of families join together and spend a nice afternoon or evening. They congratulate to a birthday boy /girl and wish him/her happy birthday or nameday, a lot of happiness, love and health.

Slovak people are friendly and nice. They like spending their free time with their friends, family members or relatives. That´s why Slovak people like visiting each other. It is usual to have a visit at the weekends or on Friday evening. Topics for conversation are various. People talk about their hobbies,  problems, future plans or activities that they did during the week. They make comments on weather, political, social and cultural situations in the country or they talk about their children. Slovak hospitability is well-known all around the world. When we  are about to have a visit we prepare some refreshment in advance.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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