Influence of mass media (Essay)

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Influence of mass media (Essay)
We are all influenced by mass media. Undoubtedly, it is part of our lives. When we are driving, listening to music, forecast, the news and traffic information on radio. We watch news to be informed, we watch our favorite sitcom or a new series while ironing clothes just to save time. We're chatting with our friends on social networks in order to save money. Nowadays, we can´t imagine life without them.  It´s great how we can spend our free time, but on the other hand this technology makes us dependent and lazy. I can see it on my younger sister. She does everything with notebook or iPad nearby. While she is listening to songs or watching some series ,while she does homework or eats.

Furthermore, instead of being outside when sun´s shining, she plays The Sims. And she can do it for a half of a day.
In fact, it´s very sad to see the kids ruining their childhood because they prefer the technology over playgrounds.  Not only children, but also adults spend uncountable time in front of computers. Instead of gathering with friends personally, we rather chat with them via social networks. Undeniably, it´s good to be in touch with friends or family members while staying on the other side of the planet, but it´s terrible to see friends around the table looking at phones and tapping the screens.  All in all, we should think of necessity of using the Internet or watching TV. We should spend our time more meaningfully. We should log out for a while and start to talk with friends again.
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