Wild Horses - Dick Francis

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By Dick Francis
Richard Stanley Francis was born on Halloween, 1920 in Wales. At the age of fifteen, Dick dropped out of Maidenhead County School and won a hunter show, therefore starting an illustrious career as a steeplechase jockey. Dick has had three main careers: Air Force pilot and airframe fitter (during the war years), jockey and novelist. In 1947, Dick married Mary Margaret Brenchly. Ten years later, he retired from racing at the age of 37 and became a racing correspondent for the London Sunday Express. Five years after that in 1962, his first novel Dead Cert was published. A clever man, Francis made a deal with his publishing company that as long as he wrote a book a year, they would keep all of his novels in print. In 1983, he is knighted with the Order of the British Empire. Although there are rumors that 10 lb Penalty will be his last book, we can always hope. Dick and his wife now live in the Cayman Islands.

Main character of this book is Tom Lyon, 30 years old movie director who comes to Newmarket in England to make a movie about horseracing. The movie scenario is based on a novel by J. Howard, he spends all the time arguing with Tom and the production because they are making a lot of changes in his scenario. Tom knows that his ideas are very old-fashioned and they are more suitable for theatre than a movie. Hollywood movie needs action, drama, romance instead of soulful dialogues and softly nuances. Despite it the process of making a movie is going good, on schedule. Tom himself was born in Newmarket, he is very familiar with horseracing and he even was a jockey when he was younger. There is a one very old man called Valentine, very good friend of his grandfather, who is dying of cancer. Tom pays him a visit few times a week and he’s reading him loudly his favorite books. Valentine was a blacksmith and he used to take care about racing horses in England, he made horseshoes, switched them and so. During this activity he became very respected through the horseracing community. Later, when he couldn’t work as a blacksmith he started to write articles about horses to the local newspaper and became also well-known as a reporter. Tom has known him since he was young, because Valentine used to work for his grandpa. Rising movie is called The Dark Age and it’s story is about a unexplained death that happened 26 years ago. Wife of a famous Newmarket horse trainer was found hanged in a barn. Trainer was accused but he kept saying that he’s innocent and police couldn’t convince him because there were no proofs of that. Murder or suicide, they’ve never found out what happened, discredited this trainer. All owners of horses refused to cooperate with him and he bankrupt. One day Tom visits his friend Valentine. He’s coughing very hard, not looking well. It looks like he’s going to die. Tom calls for the doctor but it’s too late. Valentine dies before doctor even come. His last words were very strange. He told Tom that “… I killed that little-boy from Cornwall …” and that he “… gave the knife to Derry …”. Tom is very confused what that supposed to mean. Valentine was a good honorable man, no one ever able to commit a murder. As the story continues Tom finds out that Valentine told about 26 years old murder. There was a group of young people these days who experimented with weird sexual practice. They choked themselves during sex. This disorder is called asphyxia. They crossed the line one day and choked one girl to death. To conceal their act they put her into his husband’s barn and fake the hang up. Valentine was father of one these kids. He discovered what they did and killed the murderer. Tom is uncovering this sad story of the past and he is creating a movie about it, using facts that he found.

It’s a very sad story about mysterious murder in the past. I liked this book very much, it has a lot of dramatic scenes and very clever plot.
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